Praxis II Biology Content Knowledge Exam by ETS

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The proficiency of future high school biology teachers to teach the subject is measured by Biology Content Knowledge exam. The exam is directed in a one hour period and consists of 75 multiple choice questions that deal with topics that are taught in beginning biology courses in college. There are six areas of content that the questions cover, and they are divided as follows:

  • 19 questions on Diversity of Life, Plants, and Animals
  • 13 questions on Basic Principles of Science
  • 12 questions on Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • 11 questions on Classical Genetics and Evolution
  • 10 questions on Ecology
  • 10 questions on Science, Technology, and Society

Questions will cover the subjects of classifications and kingdoms, in the group of Diversity of Life. The growth of plants, anatomy and physiology of plants, and the features of reproduction for plants will cover questions pertaining to Plants. For Animals, questions will be asked about advancement, organ systems and functions, reproduction, and behavior, both inborn and learned.

The area of questioning will include the history, concepts, and methods of science regarding the Basic Principles of Science. Also incorporated in this category is the use of math, the examination of data, and ways of presenting data in a scientific side, and as well as proper methods of experimentation in laboratories.

The topics that are questioned contain structures and characteristics of cells and chemicals connected with life forms, and the subject of molecular genetics in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Evolution and Classical Genetics is composed of topics such as Mendelian inheritance, genetic disorders, and population genetics.

Energy flow, ecosystems, communities of species, niches, and factors associated with a range of portion of populations are areas of questioning under the category of Ecology.

Ultimately, questions about Science, Technology, and Society will focus on topics related to advances and morals in science and technology, such as prenatal testing and cloning, and the use of energy and of products on growth of human population.

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