Praxis II Business Education Exam by ETS

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To measure the fundamental knowledge of potential high school business teachers that includes a range of topics connected with business and business education, the Business Education exam is used. This exam is made up of 120 multiple choice questions and is directed over a 2 hour period. There will be seven areas of questioning and the questions are divided as follows:

  • 24 questions on Professional Business Education
  • 20 questions on Processing Information
  • 17 questions on Money Management
  • 17 questions on Office Procedures and Management, Communications, and Employability Skills
  • 17 questions on Accounting and Marketing
  • 13 questions on Business and Its Environment
  • 12 questions on United States Economic Systems

Questions on a broad variety of topics will be included in Professional Business Education exam. Some of these topics include the purpose of business education, curriculum that is presently taught, lesson planning, current methods of teaching, ways of managing a classroom, and organizations for students.

Word processing and keyboarding; spreadsheets; graphics; and information that are typically processed, such as medical transcriptions or statistics are few of the topics that will be on the exam under the category of Processing Information.

The questions pertaining to the Money Management group will center on the math and formulas used particularly in business, such as interest rates; topics connected with the education of consumers, such as consumer rights; and the subject material of finance.

The Office Procedures and Management, Communications, and Employability Skills category focus on measures and management in an office, such as recordkeeping; areas of communication connected with business, counting oral and written, as well as telecommunications; and employment skills, and how to fill out applications and job search.

The questions regarding marketing will cover topics including buying and distribution, while the accounting questions will cover documents and systems of accounting for the category of Accounting and Marketing.

Topics such as ethics, measuring productivity, evaluating workers, as well as questions regarding legal issues such as bankruptcy and insurance will be covered in the area of Business and Its Environment.

Economic principles, government and banking, and free enterprise are few examples of topics that will be questioned in section of USA Economic Systems.

It is understood that some questions will be answered incorrectly, since most individuals who take this exam have a degree in education, not in business.

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