Praxis II Cooperative Education Exam by ETS

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The Cooperative Education exam is aimed for those individuals having bachelor՚s degrees of cooperative education and who are further planning to teach the following subject at the high school level in the state of Pennsylvania. The exam is of 2 hours, and 7 subjects will be there i.e.. . Distributed among 157 questions as quoted below:

  • 34 questions on Coordination.
  • 28 questions on Related Instruction.
  • 21 questions on Locating and Developing Training Stations.
  • 21 questions on Public Relations.
  • 19 questions on Legal Aspects.
  • 18 questions on Vocational Guidance.
  • 16 questions on Special Needs.

The category of Coordination will cover those questions concentrating on areas relating to the development, implementation and utilization of Cooperative Education programs for students. Also program standards, systems for recruitment, choosing training areas and activities that are required for the career of students and proper records required for income and hours worked are also included.

The category of Related Instruction, questions will test the capability of examinee to teach in association with the Capstone and Diversified Occupations programs, to form materials for programs, to find facts from the Scope of Instruction issued by the state and to find organizations for students in the programs.

The category of Locating and Developing Training Stations aims on the capacity to survey businesses and in order to create suitable training stations for students, the ability to form committees and install programs to represent various groups and the competence for the growth of a student on the job.

The category of Public Relations, questions will test the knowledge and understanding of techniques for creating pamphlets, announcements for various media and verbal presentations to advertise or to explain cooperative education programs to students and businesses.

The category of Legal Aspects focuses on child labour laws at the state and at federal levels, the 17 hazardous occupation orders and the exemptions as well as the regulations provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, in Chapters 5 and 6 of the guidelines for Diversified and Cooperative Education.

The category of Vocational Guidance area will test the examinees knowledge of using tools to examine skills and interests of students and recognizing problems with students and being aware of outside help, available to students.

The category of special needs focuses on the recognition of creating and forming training areas and materials for students with special needs along with awareness of local resources that can help in training of special need students.

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