Praxis II Driver Education Exam by ETS

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The Praxis II Driver Education exam is aimed to evaluate the capability of future high school teachers to teach driver education. Candidates appearing for the exam must have taken the essential and required courses for driver education. The exam will comprises of 100 multiple choice questions i.e.. MCQ covering 5 categories related to driver education, the topics are quoted below:

  • 25 questions on Safe Motor Vehicle Operation and Procedures.
  • 25 questions on Automobile Operation and Maintenance.
  • 20 questions on Instruction, Methodology, and Evaluation.
  • 20 questions on Driver Responsibilities and Special Knowledge.
  • 10 questions on Motor Vehicle Laws and Regulations.

In the category of Safe Motor Vehicle Operation and Procedures, questions will focus on the understanding of different factors that affect the ability to safely operate a vehicle such as drugs and alcohol, disabilities, emotions and even weather. Topics like Energy conservation affects the manufacturing, use and care of motor vehicles are also included.

In the category of Automobile Operation and Maintenance, questions will focus on the procedures for the upkeep of vehicles and tires and on the correct way to change a tire. Examinee need to recognize the core systems and parts of vehicles as well as their purposes, under this category.

In the category of Instruction, Methodology, and Evaluation, questions will test the knowledge of tools and techniques and their purposes for teaching driver education such as driver simulation and multiple vehicle driving ranges as well as guidelines taught in the course, like ways to drive defensively and knowing how to calculate safe distance for driving behind other vehicles. The objective of the course, rules for examining students and accommodation necessary for students with special needs are also been covered in the same.

In the category of Driver Responsibility and Special Knowledge, questions will focus on the different types of insurance, responsibilities of drivers and witnesses in accidents and pedestrian and driver rights. Examinees need to judge the liability of a driver in a given scenario.

In the category of Motor Vehicle Laws and Regulations, questions will focus on the subject matter based on ownership of automobiles such as registration and titles as well as roadway signs and markings, the correct shapes and colors are also included.

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