Praxis II Early Childhood Content Education Exam by ETS

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Two hours will be provided, to complete the 120 multiple choice questions that covers the content of Early Childhood Education. Use of calculator is not allowed. There are around 10 questions pertaining to creative arts and performing arts, 10 questions based on health and physical education, 17 questions based on science, 30 questions based on mathematics, 17 questions based on social studies and 36 questions based on language and literacy. The test questions will judge the test takers knowledge on the basis of the inter-relationship between the above quoted content areas and the core concepts of each area.

  • Language and Literacy: This portion will test your knowledge of oral language development and its relationship to literacy development, the integration of literacy across all other content areas, the prime indicators of speech and language delays, articulation issues, phonics development and, the development of language syntax and sentence structure. Your knowledge of learning to read, learning to spell, knowledge of different types of children՚s literature and the process of learning how to write will also be included in the exam.
  • Mathematics: This portion will test your knowledge of the development of numbers and operations, patterns and relationships, reasoning skills, connecting mathematical skills to other areas, problem solving skills, geometry and spatial skills, measurement and mathematical thinking skills in young children. In this portion Your ability to collect, analyse and organize data is also included.
  • Social Studies: This portion will test your knowledge of the development of self awareness, interpersonal relationship skills and group social skills in young children. Knowledge of cultural, family and geographic influences on young children will also be there. Your knowledge of the influences of environment, government, civics and the economy on the development of young children will also be assessed in the exam.
  • Science: This portion will test your knowledge of basic and crucial concepts of scientific enquiry within the physical sciences, earth sciences, space sciences and life sciences for young children.
  • Physical Education: This portion will test your knowledge of the development of body awareness, the emotional and social influences on physical activity levels and; motor and movement skills in young children.
  • Creative and Performing Arts: This portion will test your knowledge of the elements of theatre, dance, music as well as of visual art. Your knowledge of the concepts of pitch and beat of music for young children will also be there in this section. In case of visual arts, your understanding of the concepts of line, color, texture, and the creative processes in young children will be judged.

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