Praxis II Education of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students Exam by ETS

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The exam will be of two hours and consists of 40 multiple choice questions and 2 essay questions. The exam is aimed to assess your readiness and ability to teach deaf and hard of hearing students.

Human Development and the Learning Process: The section will aims to focus on cultural, social and psychological impacts on the deaf and hard of hearing student. Issues faced by deaf and hard of hearing students and their families, deaf culture, the impact of deafness on child development; the resources available and support networks will be covered in the exam. The physiological parts of hearing loss and deafness includes audiology, causes of deafness and medical and surgical issues of hearing loss will be covered. Your knowledge and understanding of language development, literacy, American Sign Language (ASL) and deaf educational theories will also be analysed.

Educational Policies and Practices: The section will test your knowledge of curriculum and instruction for deaf and hard of hearing students, the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) , student classroom placement, legislation regarding deaf and hard of hearing students, communication and employment issues with the history of deaf education.

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