Praxis II Education of Exceptional Students Learning Disabilities Exam

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One hour will be provided to complete 30 multiple-choice questions and three questions of essays. The three essay questions a will aim to test your knowledge of how to handle classroom situations. The exam is for those individuals who wants to teach learning disabled students from preschool through 12th grade.

Historical and Professional Content and Basic Definitions: This section will test your knowledge of the following: Identification and prevalence of learning disabilities, medical treatments for ADHD and learning disabilities, federal definition of IDEA 2004, professional organizations and publications, current and past educational philosophies, the societal and historical foundation of education for individuals with learning disabilities; and the reasons of learning disabilities.

Characteristics of Individuals with Learning Disabilities: This section will focus on the following topics: The influence of learning disabilities on social and emotional development, academic skills, visual processing skills, auditory processing skills and risk factors for learning disabilities. The knowledge of the candidates of the impact of learning disabilities on attention, memory, intelligence, perception, organizational skills, information processing and executive functioning will also be focused in this section.

Delivery of Services: This section will focus on the following topics: Classroom management, behavior modification, placement options, curriculum, instructional methodology and assessment methods for disabled students.

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