Praxis II Education of Exceptional Students Mild Disabilities Exam

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The exam is for those individuals who want to teach special education to exceptional students from pre-school through 12th grade, having mild to moderate disabilities. One hour will be provided, to answer five essay questions.

Assessment: This section will focus on referral, screening and educational placement of students having mild to moderate disabilities. Designing, adaptation and usage of assessment tools will also be covered in this section.

Curriculum and Instruction: This section will focus on the following topics: The writing and utilization of an appropriate IEP, utilization of local, community and state resources in designing programs for disabled students. Your knowledge of the evaluation, selection and development of curriculum that is proper and rational for students who are having mild to moderately disabled will also be focused in this section.

Structuring and Managing the Learning Environment: This section will test the development and implementation of behavioral modification plans, conflict resolution and problem solving; integration of services into the educational setting and teamwork with other personnel and family members.

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