Praxis II Education of Exceptional Students Severe Disabilities Exam

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The exam is aimed for those individuals who want to teach severely and profoundly disabled children from preschool through grade 12. One hour will be provided to complete the five essay questions that comprise the exam.

Characteristics of Learners: This section will test your knowledge of the etiology and medical complications; need for support services, psychological, social and emotional characteristics of severely and profoundly disabled children.

Assessment: This section will test your knowledge of adaptation of existing assessment tools and methods; utilization of assessment information; and assessment procedures utilize for individuals with severe and profound disabilities.

Curriculum and Instruction: This section will test your knowledge of evaluation, selection, and development of a curriculum that is appropriate for disabled individuals. Integration of related services, utilization of community resources, the writing and implementation of appropriate IEPs and collaboration with other personnel and family members will also be covered.

Structuring and Managing the Learning and Environment: This section will test your knowledge of documentation and implementation of behavior management plans, conflict resolution and problem solving and understanding the medical requirements as well as needs of severely or profoundly disabled students.

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