Praxis II Educational Leadership Exam by ETS

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The examination contained 120 multiple-choice questions and two hours will be provided to you, to complete it. Exam is aimed for those individuals with a master's degree that are keen in attaining administrative or supervisory positions in the educational setting. Following topics quoted below will be covered: Group and individual leadership skills, school management, program evaluation, staff development, structural improvement in curriculum design, and determining educational needs of students. The exam questions will test your ability to generalise, determine priorities, integrate knowledge of theory to produce different results and use logic to examine the success of an educational process or product.

Determining Educational Needs: This section will test your knowledge of development and implementation of group processes for conflict resolution and consensus building; student assessment and identification of needs, research interpretation, decision making and awareness of the national perspective on education, awareness of particular needs of student populations, along with the impact of race, ethnic groups and gender. Your knowledge of community expectations, community needs and student expectations at each developmental and instructional level will also be included.

Curriculum Design and Instructional Improvement: This section will test your knowledge of the process of curriculum design, principles of effective classroom instruction, student assessment and achievements, instructional methodologies and techniques, team teaching, group instruction, individualized instruction, instructional resources and learning theories.

Development of Staff and Program Evaluation: This section will test your knowledge of staff development as well as staff evaluation procedures. Knowledge of indicators of staff achievement, implementation of staff development activities, instructional staff assessment and treating staff fairly and respectfully will also be tested in this section.

School Management: This section will test your knowledge of programs and services for different types of students, personnel selection, recruiting and placement; along with making management decisions that increase learning. Knowledge of educational functions of local state and federal agencies, participatory government within the student population, faculty and community, business and fiscal aspects of school management, legal obligations and procedures of school management will be included.

Individual and Group Leadership Skills: This section will test your knowledge of problem-solving, creating and maintaining a positive environment, verbal and nonverbal communication, school and community relationships, group dynamics and individual behavior.