PRAXIS II Family and Consumer Sciences Exam

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The exam is aimed to design for those potential family as well as consumer sciences instructors in grades 6 through 12. Two hours will be provided, to complete 120 questions of multiple choice i.e.. MCQ. The exam consists of 23 questions on family and consumer sciences education, 10 questions on housing, 11 questions on clothing and textiles, 18 questions on food and nutrition, 14 questions on consumer economics, 14 questions on management, 13 questions on human development and 17 questions on family.

The Family: This section will test your knowledge of influences on family relationships, changing roles and lifestyles, the development and education of family members, consumer education, physical and psychological support of family members, parenting and, the creation and maintenance of a stable family unit. Knowledge of family relationships, family recreational opportunities, and stages of family development, retirement, traditional families, single individuals, blended families and family structures will also be included.

Human Development: This section will test your knowledge of theories of human development, physical, social, emotional, psychological, intellectual as well as moral development. Knowledge of teen suicide, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, special needs and resources will also be focused in this section.

Management: This section will test your knowledge of time management, organization, decision-making strategies and identification of family values, goals and standards used in reaching management decisions.

Consumer Economics: This section will test your knowledge of consumer protection, financial planning, family budgets, credit, health-care services, childcare services, elder care services, repair services and, consumer decision making resources. The impact of marketing and societal influences on consumer decisions as well as rights and responsibilities will also be included.

Nutrition and Food: This section will test your knowledge of food storage and preservation, food preparation, food selection, food purchase, food and meal management, cultural, religious and ethnic influences on food choices, nutritional guidelines and the functions and sources of nutrients. Candidate knowledge of health problems related to diabetes, hypertension, obesity, bulimia and anorexia will also be focused in this section.

Clothing and Textiles: This section will test your knowledge of features in different types of fibers, production of fabrics, wardrobe management and the care of clothing.

Housing: This section will test your knowledge of factors that influence consumer housing decisions, interior design, floor plans, traffic patterns, types of housing as well as the functions of housing.

Family and Consumer Sciences Education: This section will test your knowledge of consumer education, community involvement, youth organizations, career education, improved quality of life and developing & preparing students for dual roles i.e.. at work and at home.

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