Praxis II French Content Knowledge Exam by ETS

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The exam is aimed to design to examine the competency of first-year French instructors. Two hours will be provided, to complete 120 multiple choice questions. The questions from sections 1 and 2 will be played one time on a CD. Part of the recorded material is not printed in the test booklet. All of the material for this exam will be on an audio CD only, printed in a test booklet or both. The exam consist of 23 questions regarding French cultural perspectives, 31 questions regarding interpretive reading in French, 34 questions regarding the structure and grammatical accuracy of the French language and 32 questions in the section of interpretive listening.

  • Interpretive Listening: You will listen to short conversations in French and answer questions regarding phonemic discrimination, vocabulary, understanding of idiomatic expressions and comprehension of cultural information from the spoken material in this section.
  • Structure of the Language (Grammatical Accuracy) : This section will focus on your ability to recognize errors in spoken and written French language examples. In the speech analysis section, you will listen to record recordings of French speakers and identify use of slang, false cognates, pronunciation errors and grammatical errors. In the writing analysis section, Questions will be asked to identify correct and elaborate grammatical errors including punctuation, capitalization, word choice and spelling of the writing samples. In the language analysis section, Questions will be asked to verify your knowledge of vocabulary and morphology of the French language. Under the grammar analysis section, Questions will be asked to words or phrases to complete sentences as well as short paragraphs.
  • Interpretive Reading: This section will focus on you to read French writings and answer questions pertaining to the content of these writings in French.
  • Cultural Perspectives: This section will focus on the history geography, literature, arts, lifestyle as well as society of the French speaking world.

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