Praxis II General Mathematics Exam by ETS

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The exam is designed for those individuals who wants to be general mathematics instructors. Two hours will be provided, to complete 120 multiple choice question. There will be 20 pre-test questions, hence will not be counted in your score. There will be 12 questions based on exceptionalities in mathematics, 29 questions based on basic algebra, 17 questions based on probability, statistics and applied mathematics; 26 questions based on measurement and geometry along with 36 questions based on basic skills as well as mathematical concepts.

  • Basic Skills and Mathematical Concepts: This section will test your knowledge of inductive and deductive reasoning, mathematics and everyday life, problem solving strategies, computation methods, calculator usage, problem-solving, primes, factors, multiplication, addition, subtraction, division, rounding numbers, identifying integers, real number properties, ratios patterns and relationships.
  • Measurement and Geometry: This section will test your knowledge of angles, polygons, points, lines, rays, segments, parts of triangles, Pythagorean theory, geometric solids, volume, perimeter and calculation of measurements with various instruments.
  • Statistics, Probability and Applied Mathematics: This section will test your knowledge of income and expenditure, credit costs, savings accounts, checking accounts, comparison shopping, profit margin, discounts, sales tax, salaries, commissions, income tax, payroll deductions, the fundamental counting principle; probability of single and multiple events; calculation of the mean median or mode range for a set of data and, interpretation of bar, circle and line graphs.
  • Algebra One: This section will test your knowledge of quadric equations, radical expressions, linear equations, the equation of a line, polynomials, factors, operations, rational expressions, monomials, Cartesian and linear graphs and word problems.
  • Exceptionalities in the Mathematics Program: This section will test your knowledge of the reading skills required by students to succeed in mathematics, student reading deficits at each grade level, support services for students with disabilities and legal considerations of educating exceptional students.

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