Praxis II German Productive Language Exam by ETS

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The exam will test your skills and ability to teach beginning German. Two hours will be provided to you, to complete 120 multiple choice questions on printed and recorded materials in German. Your knowledge of German culture and German language skills will be tested. In the first, third and fourth sections, all questions and answers will be in German. The first part of the structure of language section and the whole interpretive listening section will be solely based on audio recordings in German. Questions will be asked to identify, correct and elaborate speech errors in Section II, Part A of non-native German speakers. In section II, Part B you will be asked to identify, correct, and elaborate errors found in writing examples of non-native German speakers. There will be 23 questions based on German cultural perspectives, 31 questions based on interpretive reading of German, 34 questions based on the structure of the German language and 32 questions in the interpretive German listening section.

Cultural Perspectives: This section will test your knowledge of lifestyles and German society, literature and the arts, geography and contemporary issues in history of the German culture. The questions for this portion of the exam will be written in German.

Interpretive Reading: This section will test your knowledge of implied content, actual content and organization of a reading selection that is written in German. Reading selections for this section will cover different variety of topics and are at different levels of difficulty. These readings will be extracted from literature, advertisements, the internet or periodicals.

Structure of the Language (Grammatical Accuracy) : This section will test your ability to analyse the speech, writing and grammar from audio and written examples in German. In the grammar analysis section, you will be asked to complete short paragraphs and sentences when phrases and words have been deleted. Under the language analysis section you will be asked to affirm your knowledge of German vocabulary, morphology and language structure. In the writing analysis section you will be asked to correct and identify errors in word choice, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation of written passages that are printed in the test booklet. In the speech analysis section, you will listen to an audio recording in German and identify errors in pronunciation, grammar, false cognates, and the usage of slang.

Interpretive Listening: This section will test your knowledge and you will be asked to listen to audio recordings of short conversations, short narration՚s as well as long narration՚s and dialogues by native German speakers. All of the questions in this section will test your knowledge of conversational German, comprehension of German cultural information, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and phonemic discrimination.

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