Praxis II Health Education Exam by ETS

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The exam is aimed to design for those individuals who want to teach health education in grades K − 12. Two hours will be provided, to complete 120 multiple choice questions. There will be 12 questions based on health education pedagogy, 18 questions based on disease prevention, 24 questions based on healthy relationships, 12 questions based on community health advocacy, 36 questions based on promoting healthy lifestyles and 18 questions based on health education as a discipline.

  • Health Education Pedagogy: This section will test your knowledge of teacher effectiveness, evaluation of student learning; instructional methods, strategies and techniques; performance-based objectives, curriculum, programs and assessing student and community needs.
  • Disease Prevention: This section will test and cover personal hygiene, counseling, classification and treatment of mental illness, eating disorders, the behavior of an addict, depression, and suicide. Communicable and non-communicable diseases, chronic and acute conditions, genetic and congenital diseases and infectious as well as non-infectious diseases are also covered.
  • Healthy Relationships: This section will test your knowledge of population diversity, violence, sexuality, dating, communication and growth & development. The population diversity section will cover varied cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds and the need for health education for all population groups. Harassment, bullying, emotional, verbal, and physical abuse will be covered in this exam. Your knowledge of pregnancy, infertility, sexual expression, sexual difficulties and reproductive choices will be also be tested. Dating, marriage, parenting, active listening, assertiveness, conflict resolution and interpersonal communication will also be covered. Family and peer relationships, self-concept, dying, death and the various stages of human growth and development will also be covered.
  • Community Health Advocacy: This section will test your knowledge of public and private health agencies, leadership, community service, health care career choices, access to health care, consumer health concerns, environmental health and health & safety laws.
  • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles: This section will test your knowledge of anatomy and physiology, prevention and reduction of health risk factors, first aid, personal safety, tobacco usage, unplanned pregnancy, alcohol usage, drug abuse, over the counter and prescription medications, nutrition, stress management, exercise programs, muscular strength, physical fitness and individual responsibility for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Health Education as a Discipline: This section will test your knowledge of school health services including community and family involvement, counseling and social services, physical education, nutrition, and health education. The Center for Disease Control, adolescent risk behaviors, HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, morbidity, mortality, national health education standards, and health literacy will also be included in this section of the exam. In the health literacy section, your knowledge of citizenship, communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills will be focused in this section.

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