Praxis II Life Science Pedagogy Exam by ETS

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The exam is aimed to design for those individuals who want to teach introductory biology at the secondary level. One hour will be provided to you, to complete the exam. Candidates will be provided with a topic for a one week unit in a high school biology class, followed by a three-part essay question. In the first section, Questions will be asked to rationalize and formulate objectives for the topic. In the second section, Questions will be asked to elaborate instructional strategies that will enable students to reach the learning objectives for the unit. In the third section, questions will be asked to elaborate methodologies to measure student achievements of the learning objectives. The list of potential unit topics and includes the following content areas: Genetics and evolution, cellular biology, molecular biology, basic scientific principles, diversity of life, plants and animals, ecology, diversity of life, technology and, science and society. The exam will be examined and evaluated on the content and rationale, instructional strategies, as well as student assessment. Each section of the exam will be counted as 33.3 % of the final grade.

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