Praxis II Marketing Education Exam by ETS

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The exam is aimed to design for individuals who wants to teach marketing at the middle and high school level. Two hours will be provided, to complete 120 multiple choice questions. There will be 14 questions pertaining to personal selling, 14 pertaining to advertising and sales promotion, 20 pertaining to human relations and communication, 12 pertaining to marketing mathematics, 14 pertaining to merchandising, 22 pertaining to general marketing, and 44 questions pertaining to marketing education, curriculum, instruction and career planning.

  • Personal Selling: This section will test your knowledge of a buyerีšs motivation, customer types, sales transactions, product knowledge, and personality traits of the salesperson. The segments of the sales process like: Approach, needed determination, objection resolution, merchandise presentation and selling will also be included.
  • Advertising and Sales Promotion: This section will test your knowledge of public relations, sales promotions, merchandising displays, advertising media, advertising goals, principles and laws governing advertising.
  • Human Relations and Communication: This section includes written communication, interpersonal communication, listening skills, ethics, eye contact, gestures, verbal communication, telephone sales techniques, large and small group presentations, and the interpretation of verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Marketing Mathematics: This section will test your knowledge of employee compensation, stock to sales ratios, seasonal discounts, cash discounts, trade discounts, mark downs, mark ups and selling costs.
  • Merchandising: This section will test your knowledge of customer service, the lifecycle of merchandise, inventory control, buying, receiving, conducting quality assurance checks and pricing merchandise.
  • General Marketing: This section will test your knowledge of industrial marketing, global marketing, business ownership, entrepreneurship, credits and organizational skills. Economic systems such as capitalism, communism and socialism along with economic concepts of profits, productivity and supplying demand will also be included. Your knowledge of marketing and research, methodologies, financing, pricing, product promotion, marketing research, product distribution, risk management and selling will also be tested in this section.
  • Marketing Education, Curriculum, Instruction, and Career Planning: This section will test your knowledge of the responsibilities of employers and employees, the job search and interview process, student evaluation and marketing curriculum. Your knowledge of career planning in the marketing field, the history and development of vocational education and marketing education, student organizations, such as DECA and their relationship to marketing education and legal considerations of marketing education will also be tested in this section.

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