Praxis II Physical Sciences Exam by ETS

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PRAXIS II Physical Science: Content Knowledge Exam

The exam is aimed for individuals who would like to teach physical science at the secondary school level. One hour will be provided, to complete 60 MCQs. Use of calculator is not allowed. There will be 18 questions pertaining to heat, thermodynamics and nuclear anatomic structure, 22 questions pertaining to matter, energy, safety, and laboratory procedures, and 20 questions pertaining to technology and society, science, measurements, data and mathematics.

Heat, Thermodynamics and Nuclear Atomic Structure

Questions pertaining to nuclear anatomic structure will test your knowledge of atom spectra and structure electromagnetic radiation, nuclear reactions, radioactive decay, and atomic models and their experimental bases. Questions pertaining to heat and thermodynamics will cover laws of thermodynamics, kinetic molecular theory, gas laws, phase changes, the transfer of thermal energy and its impact on matter, the measurement of heat and temperature.

Matter and Energy, Safety and Laboratory Procedures

Questions pertaining to matter and energy will focus on the conservation of energy and mass, physical and chemical properties of matter, organization of matter, along with forms and transformations of energy and matter. Questions pertaining to laboratory safety and procedures will cover emergency procedures for laboratory accidents, the safe usage, storage and disposal of laboratory materials and the usage of correct laboratory equipment.

Methodology: Technology and Society, Data, Measurement, Science, and Mathematics

Questions pertaining to science, technology, and society will cover management of natural resources, science and technology in everyday life, energy production, usage and management of energy, production and usage of disposable consumer products, the impact of technology and science on human life and the environment and ethical and moral issue associated with the utilization of science. The mathematics, data manipulation and measurement questions will cover; notation and measurement systems, and the interpretation, presentation and error analysis of data. Questions pertaining to scientific methodology will cover the historical beginnings of science, designing experiments, scientific processing and scientific methodology.

PRAXIS II Physical Science: Pedagogy Exam

The exam is aimed for those individuals who wants to teach physical science at the secondary level. One hour will be provided to complete one multi-portion essay question. The question pertaining to follow-up will count as 25% of the grade, the question pertaining to assessment will come as 25% a grade in the two questions pertaining to instructional strategies and activities will count as 50% of the grade. You will be given, a written description of a concept to be taught in a high school physics or chemistry class. Questions will be asked to identify an important and core scientific concept to teach at the high school level, described instructional strategies that you would use to teach this concept, describe student assessment methods and elaborate a topic for a follow-up lesson. The methods, strategies and objectives you choose must be related to the teaching unit described in the written description of the concept.