Praxis II Pre-Kindergarten Education Exam by ETS

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The exam is aimed to design for those individuals who wants to teach prekindergarten students. 2 hours to complete 100 MCQs which include 50 questions based on planning, implementing and evaluating instruction and 50 questions based on child development and theoretical contributions to educational practices.

Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Instruction: This section will cover and focus on professional and legal responsibilities of the preschool teacher, behavior management, classroom management, student assessment procedures, parent communication, planning and implementing curriculum for preschool children and managing the physical learning environment.

Development of Young Children and Contributions of Theory to Educational Practices: This section will cover and focus on Montessori, and Kamii curriculums, cognitive, social learning and behaviorist theories, personal and social developments, physical development and cognitive development of preschool children.

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