Praxis II Safety Driver Education Exam by ETS

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The exam is aimed to design for those individuals who wants to teach driver education in the state of Pennsylvania to high school students. Two hours will be provided to complete 125 multiple choice questions including 15 questions regarding the public relations and legal aspects, 27 questions regarding evaluation and methodology, 19 questions regarding information materials and equipment, 26 questions regarding planning and budgeting, 9 questions regarding safety and traffic regulations and 29 questions regarding driver education curriculum and safety.

  • Public Relations and Legal Aspects: This section will test your knowledge of school relationships with special populations and adult learners, parental support and relationships with car dealers. The following legal aspects of driver education will be covered in this section: Emergency procedures, insurance, recordkeeping, planned driving routes, local regulations and state regulations.
  • Evaluation and Methodology: Questions regarding evaluation will cover: Student driving evaluation, classroom assessment of students ‘instructor evaluation and evaluation of the curriculum. Methodology questions will focus on special populations, students’ ability to transfer classroom knowledge to actual driving, driving simulators and actual driving practice.
  • Information, Materials and Equipment: Questions regarding information resources, information utilization, legislation and safety research will be included in this section. Your knowledge of classroom equipment, driver simulation equipment, on street driving, textbooks, audio-visual aids and physical equipment will be tested in this section.

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