Praxis II School Counselling and Guidance Business Education Exam by ETS

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The exam is aimed to design for those individuals who wants to become counselors in the public school system. Two hours will be provided, to complete 120 multiple choice questions. 40 of the questions regarding recordings of client and counselor interactions. There will be around 18 questions regarding professional issues, 18 questions regarding coordinating services, 18 questions regarding consultation and 66 questions regarding guidance and counseling. When responding to questions regarding the responses on the CD, you need to identify appropriate and proper counsel responses, client feelings, client problems and find out other professional issues.

  • Professional Issues: Your knowledge of resources for professional development and the legal and ethical considerations of counseling will be tested in this section.
  • Coordinating: Questions in this section will focus on the program evaluation, organization, management, information acquisition and dis-semination.
  • Consulting: Your knowledge of curriculum and school climate, human development, interpersonal relationships and providing consultative services to families, staff and community agencies will be tested in this section.
  • Guidance and Counseling: This section will focus and test your knowledge of classroom guidance, human development, group counseling, assessment, dyadic counseling, multiculturalism as well as diversity.

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