PRAXIS II Special Education: Application of Core Principles Across Categories of Disability Exam

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The exam is aimed to design for those individuals who wants to teach special education in grades preschool-12. One hour will be provided, to complete 50 multiple-choice questions. There will be 10 questions pertaining to professional issues and literature, 10 questions pertaining to management of the learning environment, 10 questions pertaining to assessment, 10 questions pertaining to instruction and 10 questions pertaining to curriculum.

  • Professional Issues and Literature: This section will focus on using professional literature, participating in transition planning for students, working with teaching assistants in the classroom, consulting with other individuals and the instructor՚s role within the multidisciplinary team.
  • Managing the Learning Environment: This section will focus on the classroom management, organization, and behavior management. The classroom management questions will cover parent and teacher communication, documentation, transitions between lessons and activities, lighting, seating, staff and student attitudes, consistency, rules, expectations and strategies for positive interactions with staff and students. Questions pertaining to behavior management will cover behavioral interventions, target behaviors, consequent events, data collection methods and identification of antecedents.
  • Assessment: This section will focus on the preparation of written reports and communication, the IEP/ITP and monitoring instruction, interpretation of specialized and standardized tests and selection, construction and modification of informal and formal assessment՚s.
  • Instruction: This section will focus on the implementation of instruction, the component and format of instruction, selection of appropriate methods and strategies, and implementation of the IEP. The implementation of instruction question will cover instructing students in specific areas like study skills, daily living skills, vocational skills, social skills and academics. The component and format of instruction question will cover the following instructional methodologies: Reinforcement, questioning, demonstration, modeling, small group instruction, large group instruction, individualized instruction, behavioral analysis, learning styles, and drill and practice. Your knowledge of the selection and implementation of educational strategies such as task analysis, cooperative learning, behavioral analysis, learning styles and IEP implementation will be tested in this section.
  • Curriculum: This section will focus on the usage of technology, diversity in the classroom, specialized materials and programs, adaptation and modification of the standard curriculum.

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