PRAXIS II Special-Education: Knowledge Based Core Principles Exam

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The exam is aimed for those individuals who would like to teach special education in grades preschool through 12. One hour will be provided, to complete 60 multiple choice questions. There will be 37 questions pertaining to service delivery for disabled students, eight questions pertaining to issues with society and legal issues of special education and 15 questions pertaining to exceptional students.

  • Service Delivery for Disabled Students: This section will focus on the assessment, professional responsibilities of special education teachers and the delivery of services to students. Questions pertaining to assessments will cover interpretation of standardized and specialized assessments, IEP development, monitoring student instruction, preparation of written reports and verbal communication pertaining to student instruction and progress. Formal and informal assessment procedures, selection, modification and construction of formal and informal assessments will also be covered in this section. The questions pertaining to professional responsibilities of special education teachers will focus on the professional organizations and associations, utilization of professional literature and research, giving appropriate environments and appropriate services to students; being a multidisciplinary team member, collaborating with parents, community groups, outside agencies and other teachers. The questions pertaining to the delivery of services to students will focus on the behavioral, medical, cognitive, psychodynamic and sociological issues.
  • Society and Legal Issues: This section will focus on the cultural and community influences, public attitude toward disabled individuals, family support and participation, students self advocacy and teacher advocacy for students and families. Your knowledge of landmark legal cases and federal laws related to special education will be tested in this section. These questions will cover the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504, IDEA 2004, other laws and landmark legal cases.
  • Understanding Exceptional Students: This section will focus on the basic special education concepts, characteristics of disabled students and principles and theories of human development. Questions pertaining to special education concepts will cover classification from IDEA, labeling of students, causes and prevention of disability, definitions of specific major disabilities, along with the intensity, duration, and frequency of behaviors. Your knowledge of the psychological, social, educational, physical and medical characteristics of disabled students will be tested in this section. Questions pertaining to principles and characteristics of human development will cover sensory, motor, cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional developmental theories.

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