PRAXIS II Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood Exam

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The exam is aimed for those individuals who would like to teach special-education from grades preschool through first. Two hours will be provided to complete 110 multiple choice questions. There will be 28 questions regarding professional practice, 21 questions regarding community and family aspects, 17 questions regarding service planning and delivery, 16 questions regarding assessment, evaluation and eligibility criteria, 12 questions regarding disabling conditions and 16 questions regarding human growth and development.

  • Professional Practice: This section will focus on community resources, mainstreaming, integration, transitioning, and student placement. Questions regarding records management, research, ethical and philosophical issues, litigation and legislation and ethical issues will be included in this section.
  • Community and Family Aspects: This section will focus on family support systems, community resources, parent training, family involvement and issues impacting families of disabled children.
  • Service Planning and Delivery: This section will focus on case management services from birth to 5 years, service delivery systems, care giver programs, individualized educational programs and individualized family service plans.
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Eligibility Criteria: This section will focus on the child's environment, child and family assessment, diagnostic evaluations, service referrals, screening and service implementation.
  • Disabling Conditions: This section will focus on biological, genetic, environmental, prematurity, nutritional and medical causes of disability. Questions regarding traumatic brain injury, developmental delays, and multiple disabilities will be included in this section. Your knowledge of hearing, speech and language disabilities, visual impairments, emotional disturbances, learning disabilities, physical impairments and mental retardation will be tested in this section.
  • Human Growth and Development: This section will focus on normal and abnormal child development from conception through age 6. Questions will cover normal and abnormal emotional, social, motor, physical, language and cognitive development.