PRAXIS II Theatre Exam by NTE

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The exam is aimed to design for individuals who would like to teach theatre at the elementary or secondary level. You will be given 2 hours to complete this 100 multiple choice question exam. There will be 16 questions pertaining to creative drama, 10 questions pertaining to professional knowledge and instruction, 15 questions pertaining to production, 19 questions pertaining to technical and design aspects, 21 questions pertaining to performance and 19 questions pertaining to literature, history and theory.

  • Creative Drama: The creative drama questions will cover dramatic play, emotional and sensory perceptions, masks and puppetry, clowning, rhythm, mime and movement, theatre games and role playing, children՚s literature, dramatization and story telling, aesthetic judgments and emotional and sensory perceptions.
  • Professional Knowledge and Instruction: This section will focus on the instruction and professional knowledge. The professional knowledge questions will include funding resources, community resources, freedom of expression, censorship, vocational opportunities, counseling, resume preparation, professional organizations, legal and ethical obligations.
  • Production: This section will focus on the production management and theatre management. The production management questions will cover selection of a play for the community to attend, scheduling and season planning, publicity, stage and box office management. Theatre management questions will cover liability and safety and maintenance of equipment.
  • Technical and Design Aspects: This section will focus on the sound, scenery, props, lighting, costumes and different technical and artistic parts of the theatre.
  • Performance: This section will focus on directing and expression. The directing questions will cover audition, casting, script analysis, rehearsal, conception and stage vocabulary. Expression questions include emotional and sensory expression of acting, character analysis and development, voice, dialects, breathing, anatomy and physiology, sensory and emotional development, ensemble acting, concentration and discipline.
  • Literature, History and Theory: This section will focus on the development of the theatre, ethnic theatre, representative plays and authors and genres. The theatre development questions will cover theatre and society, performance architecture and the relationship of theatre to society. The history question will cover: The contemporary era from 1945 to the present, the modern era from nineteenth century to 1945, romanticism, eighteenth century and restoration, neoclassical period, Elizabethan period, renaissance period and, the medieval, Roman and Greek periods. Representative plays questions will cover plays from all the just listed periods. The questions pertaining to authors and genres will test your knowledge of the socio cultural influence of literature and authors and genres.

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