PRAXIS II Vocational General Knowledge Exam

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The exam is aimed to design for the potential vocational education instructors. Two hours will be provided to complete 100 multiple choice questions. There will be 32 questions pertaining to science, 36 questions pertaining to mathematics and 32 questions pertaining to social studies.

  • Science: Questions based on science will focus on the scientific methods, origin of the universe and earth, causes of illness and nutrition and the relationship between the environment and humans. Your knowledge of the evolution, classification and structure of living organisms and nuclear, gravitational and electromagnetic forces will be tested in this section. Questions based on inorganic matter properties and the transfer, conversion as well as sources of energy will also be covered in this section.
  • Mathematics: This section will focus on logic, probability, measurement, rectangular coordinates, reading scales and the use of percentage, proportion and ratio. Questions based on formula conversion, estimates and the interpretation of diagrams, charts and graphs will be covered in this section.
  • Social Studies: This section will focus on the geography of human settlements, economics, political values, characteristics and features of culture, societies and American historical movements as well as events.

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