List of Praxis II Subjects

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Subject Assessments will focus on candidates knowledge of the subjects they will teach, as well as general and subject specific pedagogical skills as well as knowledge. The pedagogy assessments, Principles of Learning and Teaching are also comprised in this group.

Candidates must pass Praxis II in the proper certification field. An official copy of your scores must be available to the program provider. You must submit a copy of your scores to the program provider. Praxis II is administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS) . Praxis II is administered in one format: Paper-and-pencil and is not given on computer and you may register on-line for the Praxis II. Praxis II scores are mailed to examinees around 6 weeks after the test administration. An official copy of your scores must be available to the program provider.

The Praxis II series is a group of tests offered by ETS. These exams help licensing boards will check test takers interested in becoming certified or licensed teachers. There are 3 different types of Praxis II exams: Teaching Foundation Tests, Subject Assessments and Principles of Learning and Teaching Tests (PLT) .

Subject codes are gived in the following table-

10900Agriculture (CA)
10780Agriculture (PA)
10133Art: Content Knowledge
20132Art: Content, Traditions, Criticism, and Aesthetics
20131Art Making
20030Biology and General Science (calculators prohibited)
30233Biology: Content Essays (calculators prohibited)
20231Biology: Content Knowledge, Part 1 (calculators prohibited)
20232Biology: Content Knowledge, Part 2 (calculators prohibited)
20235Biology: Content Knowledge (calculators prohibited)
10100Business Education (calculator allowed)
30242Chemistry: Content Essays (calculators prohibited)
20241Chemistry: Content Knowledge (calculators prohibited) (calculators prohibited)
20245Chemistry: Content Knowledge (calculators prohibited)
10070Chemistry, Physics, and General Science (calculators prohibited)
10087Citizenship Education: Content Knowledge
20800Communication (PA)
10810Cooperative Education
10867Driver Education
10020Early Childhood Education
20571Earth and Space Sciences: Content Knowledge (calculators prohibited)
10910Economics (calculators prohibited)
10271Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
20353Education of Exceptional Students: Core Content Knowledge
10382Education of Exceptional Students: Learning Disabilities
10542Education of Exceptional Students: Mild to Moderate Disabilities
10544Education of Exceptional Students: Severe to Profound Disabilities
20021Education of Young Children
10410Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision
20012Elementary Education: Content Area Exercises (calculators prohibited)
10014Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (calculator allowed)
10011Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (calculators prohibited)
10016Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment K − 5
10041English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge
20042English Language, Literature, and Composition: Essays
30043English Language, Literature, and Composition: Pedagogy
20360English to Speakers of Other Languages (contains a listening section)
10830Environmental Education (calculators prohibited)
10120Family and Consumer Sciences (calculators prohibited)
10840Foreign Language Pedagogy
20173French: Content Knowledge (contains listening section)
10171French: Productive Language Skills (contains speaking section) Advice on Taking the Productive Language Skills Tests Supplement to the Languages Tests at a Glance
30511Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge
30067General Mathematics (WV) (calculators prohibited)
30433General Science: Content Essays (calculators prohibited)
10431General Science: Content Knowledge, Part 2 (calculators prohibited) Part 1 (calculators prohibited)
10432General Science: Content Knowledge, Part 2 (calculators prohibited)
10435General Science: Content Knowledge (calculators prohibited)
20181German: Content Knowledge (contains listening section)
30182German: Productive Language Skills (contains speaking section) Advice on Taking the Productive Language Skills Tests Supplement to the Languages Tests at a Glance
10357Gifted Education (WV)
10930Government/Political Science
20856Health and Physical Education: Content Knowledge
20550Health Education
10200Introduction to the Teaching of Reading
10310Library Media Specialist
30234Life Science: Pedagogy (calculators prohibited)
10560Marketing Education (calculators prohibited)
10061Mathematics: Content Knowledge (graphing calculator required)
30065Mathematics: Pedagogy (calculators prohibited)
20063Mathematics: Proofs, Models, and Problems, Part 1 (graphing calculator required)
20146Middle School: Content Knowledge (calculator allowed)
10049Middle School English Language Arts
20069Middle School Mathematics (calculator allowed)
10439Middle School Science (calculators prohibited)
20089Middle School Social Studies
20112Music: Analysis (contains listening section)
30111Music: Concepts and Processes
10113Music: Content Knowledge (contains listening section)
10110Music Education (contains listening section)
10091Physical Education: Content Knowledge
30092Physical Education: Movement Forms-Analysis and Design
20093Physical Education: Movement Forms-Video Evaluation (contains video section)
20481Physical Science: Content Knowledge (calculators prohibited)
30483Physical Science: Pedagogy (calculators prohibited)
30260Physics (calculators prohibited)
30262Physics: Content Essays (calculators prohibited)
10261Physics: Content Knowledge (calculators prohibited)
10265Physics: Content Knowledge (calculators prohibited)
20530Pre-Kindergarten Education
20201Reading Across the Curriculum: Elementary
20202Reading Across the Curriculum: Secondary
20300Reading Specialist
10860Safety/Driver Education
20420School Guidance and Counseling (contains listening section)
10400School Psychologist
20211School Social Worker: Content Knowledge
10951Social Sciences: Content Knowledge
20082Social Studies: Analytical Essays
10081Social Studies: Content Knowledge
20085Social Studies: Interpretation and Analysis
20083Social Studies: Interpretation of Materials
30084Social Studies: Pedagogy
10191Spanish: Content Knowledge (contains listening section)
30194Spanish: Pedagogy
20192Spanish: Productive Language Skills (contains speaking section) Advice on Taking the Productive Language Skills Tests Supplement to the Languages Tests at a Glance Supplement to the Languages Tests at a Glance
10352Special Education: Application of Core Principles Across Categories of Disability
20351Special Education: Knowledge-Based Core Principles
10690Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood
20371Special Education: Teaching Students with Behavioral Disorders/Emotional Disturbances
20381Special Education: Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities
20321Special Education: Teaching Students with Mental Retardation
10220Speech Communication
20330Speech-Language Pathology
10088Teaching Foundations: History-Social Science (calculators prohibited)
10068Teaching Foundations: Mathematics (calculators prohibited)
10048Teaching Foundations: English (calculators prohibited)
10438Teaching Foundations: Science (calculators prohibited)
10528Teaching Foundations: Multiple Subjects (calculators prohibited)
10880Teaching Speech to Students with Language Impairments
10290Teaching Students with Orthopedic Impairments
10280Teaching Students with Visual Impairments
10050Technology Education (calculators prohibited)
10890Vocational General Knowledge
10940World and US History
10941World and US History: Content Knowledge