Praxis II Sociology Exam by ETS

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The exam is aimed to design for those individuals who wants to teach sociology at the secondary level. Two hours will be provided, to complete 120 multiple choice questions. There will be 18 questions covering social stratification, 30 questions covering demographics, industrialization, urbanization and social structure, 18 questions covering culture, 30 questions covering social disintegration, social interaction and socialization and 24 questions covering methods of inquiry and social perspective.

  • Social Stratification: Questions regarding social inequality based on age, class, gender, race, prejudice, and discrimination will be covered in this section of the exam. Your knowledge of conflict and functional theories of stratification, lifestyle, education, income, occupation, wealth and social class will also be tested in this section. Questions regarding poverty and life changes will also be included.
  • Demographics, Industrialization, Urbanization and Social Structure: This section will focus on globalization, technology, social change and environmental, occupational and social trends. Your knowledge of urban and rural life styles, the multiple-nuclei, sector and concentric city models will be assessed in this section of the exam. Questions regarding voluntary and voluntary groups, political and economic institutions, simple to complex group changes and the social institutions of religion, education and family will be included.
  • Culture: Your knowledge of cross-cultural comparisons, cultural diversity, cultural change, cultural universal՚s, and ethnocentrism and cultural relativism will be tested in this section. Questions regarding the cultural components of symbols, signs, sanctions, language values and cultural norms will be included. Your knowledge of non-material and material culture will also be tested.
  • Social Disintegration, Social Interaction and Socialization: Questions regarding social disintegration will cover deviant and criminal behavior, theories of social disorganization and social control. The following social interaction theories will be covered in this section: Exchange theory, symbolic interaction theory, role theory, and dramaturgical theory. Additional social interaction questions will cover assimilation, accommodation, cooperation, exchange, conflict, segregation and institutional and organizational context of interaction. Questions regarding socialization will cover stages of socialization, and the role of heredity and the environment. Questions regarding the impacts of age, social class, gender, and race on socialization will be included. Your knowledge of socialization theories such as Cooley, and G. H. Mead will be tested in this section of the exam. Questions based on recent visualization, anticipatory socialization, secondary socialization and primary socialization will also be included.
  • Methods of Inquiry and Sociological Perspective: Method of inquiry questions will focus on research ethics, the relationship between method and theory, independent and dependent variables, hypotheses, the purpose of research and scientific method. Includes types of research like observational, case study, experimental, survey, and secondary analysis. Questions based on sociological perspective will focus on structural functionalism, conflict theory, symbolic interactionism, major sociological theories and sociology careers. Questions regarding sociologists such as Weber, Marx, and Durkheim will also be included.

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