Examrace Mastering Mental Abiltiy (MAT) for NTSE (Postal Course)

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Author: , ISBN: 978-0-9829216-4-7, First edition: 10-Oct-2012, Last revised:

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Course Includes Following 5 Books

Elementary Mathematics & Data Interpretation
Elementary Mathematics & Data Interpretation Sample Preview

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Verbal Reasoning, English Proficiency & Comprehension
Verbal Reasoning, English Proficiency & Comprehension Sample Preview

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Non-Verbal & Visual Reasoning
Non-Verbal & Visual Reasoning Sample Preview

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Analytical & Logical Reasoning
Analytical & Logical Reasoning Sample Preview

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Only course you need for success in NTSE-MAT: Comprehensive notes, thousands of questions with detailed step-by-step explanations. Master all the techniques as you solve questions! Don't prepare using second grade books filled with mistakes like all other candidates. Give yourself an edge. Get examrace scientifically and carefully designed postal course-

  • Easily navigate unique NTSE topics like mirror and water images, cubes and dice, 2 dimensional series of figures, paper cuttting, data sufficieny, analytical reasoning, and more with our unique tips and tricks.

  • Comprehensive notes and numerous multiple choice practice questions with detailed solutions covering entire NTSE-MAT syllabus with More than 40 Tips & Tricks!

  • Detailed theory concepts and explanations on all topics.

  • Mathematical section specially designed for those candidates who do not have sound mathematics background.

  • Comprehensive verbal section non-English background students.

  • Includes problems and important concepts on general studies.

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Focus on Concepts

-by-  Pandit

I could not believe that any book exists in market that would focus on concepts in such a detail.. A nice and a must guide for all aspirants

Very Nice Material!

-by-  Singh

I ordered this material for my daughter studying in class 9 and she found it extremely useful, written in simple language with tricks for MAT section