NTSE Examination Pattern 2021

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Examination will be organised in two sessions on the very same day.

First Stage will take place in Two Parts:

  1. Part I: Mental Ability Test (MAT) : 50 Questions of 50 Marks: Time 45 Minutes
  2. Part II: Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) comprises of-
    1. Language Test: 50 Questions of 50 Marks in 45 minutes
    2. Mathematics: 30 marks, Science: 35 marks & Social Sciences: 35 marks Total 100 questions of 100 marks in 90 minutes

More Information

  1. Each question will be of one mark.
  2. All the questions given in the booklets will be of objective type i.e.. . MCQ. FOUR possible answers will be given for every question in that only one is right.
  3. Your main goal is to find the correct answer and in the Answer Sheet, Mark your choice.
  4. Students who get qualified in the first stage are then shortlisted for the stage II, which is a national level common examination
  5. And those who qualify national level examination will face an interview with NTSE board and finally 1000 meritorious students are selected every year all over India.

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