NTSE Interview Dos and Donts

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Do՚s and Don՚ts

  • Generally, Board members who take interview are very senior in rank and learned people in terms of knowledge, so respect to the board.
  • don՚t go by any stories or rumours said by others. Do not put focus on unnecessary information.
  • don՚t ask the candidates about how his or her interview has done.
  • The board is not bias towards anyone.
  • Never pass any sweeping statements or elaborations.
  • Confidently accept your mistakes that you have done.
  • Speak honestly, truthfully and politely.
  • Do not give a reply haphazardly.
  • Give answers in an orderly and logical manner and try to maintain eye-contact with the Board members while answering, it will reflect your confidence.
  • Be humble as well as courteous.
  • don՚t argument with the board members.
  • Be determine in your views and thoughts. You need not to change your views just because the Board differs in its opinion.
  • Never make an effort to show a made up appearance or politically correct answers.
  • If you have an extreme view point, Then you must possess the capability to justify the same.
  • You can have tea or coffee, in case if any member offers to you. It will show that you are calm and it will also help in lightening and relaxing further happenings and provide an informal touch to the situation.
  • Do not chew any chewing gums or any other munching items, it will show a negative plus careless image.
  • Practice mock interviews in front of mirror. Watch out your actions or emotions and try to rectify any shortcomings. Record your own answers and play them again for finding out your accent errors, Emphasise proper importance on certain words.
  • don՚t pass a comment or judgement on any government policy or even on individuals in the interview.
  • Take a tight sleep. A good, sound sleep will help you to look more refreshed, cheerful and relaxed. Otherwise, you will have a fuzzy head, You will be yawning throught the interview, will reflect you as confused personality. You will not be able to get the questions correctly, nor be able to think clearly.
  • Do not speak rapidly. Speak slowly as well as clearly so that the Board members grasp what you are saying and do not have to stop you or to repeat.
  • The Board will judge you for various certain characteristics like honest and integrity, logical exposition, balance of opinion, leadership skills, mental alertness, variety and depth of interest, social cohesion, moral integrity, acumen, your response to a peculiar situation, your views on different topics.
  • At times, the Board members might put pressure on you. Do not panic it is a strategy aimed at gauging the point till which you can maintain your cool under pressure and can think originally even in pressure cooker situations. Try to resemble tealeavesshow your true colours when in hot waters.
  • Form your views on a subjects in a logical and rational manner supported by data whenever required.
  • Be aware with latest updates, happenings or events nationally and internationally, candidates must read magazines and newspapers atleast two for interview, watch current affairs-based television programmes.
  • Imagine that all questions are asked for a good reason and answer accordingly.
  • Keep a file or folder to keep your certificates and documents in a well organized manner. They are verified first before you enter the interview room. You need not to carry a file or folder inside board room.

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