NTSE Interview

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  1. Based on school syllabus.
  2. Personal questions.
    • Parent Qualification.
    • Parent՚s occupation.
    • Brothers and Sisters.
  3. Based on your interests and hobbies.
    • If your hobby is painting, then you must be aware with atleast few names of types of paintings and general differences between them.
    • If you hobby is classical dance, then you must know the different forms of classical dance.
    • If your hobby is western dance, then you must know different forms of dance like salsa, tango etc
    • If your hobby is reading novels, then you must be aware of few good novelist, prize, Indian novelist etc.
    • Now a days T − 20 is the new concept in cricket. If you are saying cricket is your most favourite game, then you must be able to answer a question “which format you like the most test or one day or T − 20?” As said earlier, interview goes normally in the way you let it go or the way you want it to go.
    • You must not tell the interviewer the long list of your interests as this will give them huge scope of questions.
    • The best way to prepare for such questions is to think about three of your hobbies, interest or anything you are passionate about. Try to answer questions as quoted above-
  4. Based on your career goals.
    • Why you want to become say doctor?
    • What it is about?
    • How can you contribute to the nation?
    • What are the things you like about this job?
    • What are the things you dislike about this job?
  5. Personal (family related)
  6. General Knowledge questions.
  7. Hypothetical questions.