Suggestions for the NTSE Interview Test

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Crucial Tips

  • Today interviews are also consider as Personality Test.
  • It is an overall test of personality of the candidates and not just a mere test of knowledge.
  • Interview which is basically like a psychological test is content-based. With outstanding communicative skills and self-confidence, good knowledge base will lead you towards the path of success.
  • It must be cultivate in the minds of all the aspirants or candidates in the Personality Test start more or less in the sphere of knowledge base.
  • The most crucial thing to know about an interview is that it is not always a question-answer session and that the Board members are looking for different aspects of one՚s personality.
  • One is not expected to know each and everything. If you do not know the answer to a specific question, do not think twice in saying I don՚t know, Sir/Ma ‘m. Even I don՚t know Sir/Ma’ m should be said confidently and with a desired amount of cheerfulness.
  • Always keep in mind that the interview is not a cross examination but it is a natural and purposeful conversation.
  • Personality is something that is dynamic, Hence a life long asset as well as thing which forms and alters everyday.

Mock Practice

  • Firstly form a team of 4 − 5 people, as the preparation for Personality Test cannot be done alone. Try holding as many mock interviews as possible.
  • No training institute can develop or transform your personality in a few days. However, some tips may help you in polishing out various weaknesses or grey areas and can give an avenue for a well-planned preparation and group discussions.
  • Conduct mock interviews. In the mock interview, you can ask your friends to grill you so that you can face pressure from the Board easily.
  • Discuss your view-points with your friends, This not only helps in you accumulate different view-points, but also enhances the degree of knowledge.

Dressing Up

  • Dressing sense is very crucial and plays a vital role in defining your personality. Choice of dress must be as per the weather or climatic conditions. Do not wear newly stitched clothes as they might make you feel uncomfortable. Give more preference to light colours i.e.. . White colour will be a great choice.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Men should wear light coloured shirt and a dark trouser with a tie if weather allows. Women look best in outfits like saree, salwar or kameez.
  • Focus more attention on the details ironed dress, polished shoes, hair accessories, trimmed nails etc. Polish your footwear nicely. Use comfortable footwear like black or brown leather shoes.
  • Female candidates must take care of their hair falling on the face as it could irritate or frustate both candidate and interviewer.
  • Do not wear any stuff that links you with any religious or political group.
  • Do not use heavy perfume or deodorants.
  • In case if you are suffering from running nose or have caught a cold, carry a handkerchief or sufficient tissue papers with you. Tissue paper is desirable.
  • Candidates must take medicine to relax on the previous night of the interview; this should be avoided as the effect of medicine may affect your mental alertness meanwhile the interview.
  • What and how you eat is also very vital. Take a light meal on the day of the Personality Test. Do not go with empty stomach either. Avoid over eating or heavy meals.
  • First impression is the best impression. So make a positive influence, good impression within the first few minutes of the interview.


  • Arrive 20 − 30 minutes early. Prepare a route map well and arrive early on time. This will provide you reasonable time to relax and refresh.
  • While waiting for your turn in the waiting area, read a newspaper or a magazine and try to remain focused without thinking too much of what will happen in the interview. Try not to pre-suppose the situations.
  • Do not get nervous when you are waiting for your turn for the Personality Test. When waiting for your turn, try relaxing with closed eyes and deep breathing. It really relaxes you. Do not try to pre-suppose situations in the Personality Test.
  • Take a final, deep breath before coming into the boardroom.
  • Do not forget to knock at the door before entering, as it will reflect courtesy.
  • On entering the room, greet all the members cordially and do not sit down on the seat without being asked to:
  • If a lady member is there in the interview board, Firstly greet her.
  • Be aware of your body language when you are seated.
  • Men should keep the feet flat on the floor during the interview, knees at waist level, and hands on your thighs and place your elbows on the armchair. Do not lock your hands.
  • Women, cross your ankles or legs, but keep the bottom leg straight down and do not swing it over the top leg and keep your elbows positioned on the arms of the chair.
  • When the Board members thank you at the end of the Personality test, do not forget to thank the members one last time and keep your body posture straight at the time of leaving the room.
  • Remember that interview is a two way communication process.
  • Be calm and cool. Be yourself during the Interview. Your aim should be to make the board members feel comfortable in your presence. Be truthful, transparent and Predictable.
  • The object of the interview is to test the suitability of the aspirant or candidate for a career in public service.
  • Most of the questions posed in the Personality Test are opinion based.
  • don՚t expect any kind of expression on the faces of board members even you have done a great job.

At the Time of Interview

  1. During the personality test, The thing that matters is how you say what you say i.e.. . Manner. Ultimately it is the style of presentation that matters.
  2. The personality on an average will be judged in around 25 − 30 minutes, it depends fully on you that how you bring very best from yourself infront of the board.
  3. Be focused, attentive and listen to each question very carefully. Do not come up with any answer or conclusion, first let the question to be complete. Otherwise you will end up with wasting time on answering a question that you were not really asked. If you are not sure of what was asked, you can always request for the further clarification or elaboration.
  4. Must not answer any question as soon as it is asked. Think deeply over the question, take considerable time and conduct the broad outline of the answer before airing it. Take a Pause before answering, even when you know the answer.
  5. Sometimes you have to face certain situations, wherein you need to take a decision. In some situations, the board may be testing your skills and knowledge to comprehend issues, use reason and good judgment in a logical way precisely and to come on a rational decision.
  6. Your replies must be upto the mark and point. Do not beat around the bush.
  7. Have a gentle and calm smile off and on in between the Personality Test without overdoing it. It will show clarity and confidence. Wherever required use your sense of humour.

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