Sample NTSE Interview Questions (Part 3 of 9)

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  • How do we measure the age of the rock and that of the earth as well?
  • India does not have much Uranium and therefore we have to depend on Uranium supplying countries for power generation. Does nuclear power can be produced strictly by uranium only?
  • Mention the largest magnet you have ever seen.
  • How do you separate sulphur from a mixture of iron and sulphur? How you will separate camphir and dry ice?
  • What are alloys? Why alloys cannot be called Solution? What is the main difference between elements and alloys? What are the characteristic of the alloys?
  • What is a mixture? Gives its types and the exmaples
  • What is valency? What can be the maximum valency
  • What is specific gravity? Can it be less than 1?
  • Give one example of electromagnetic wave
  • What is the wavelength of the visible light? What is audible frequency? Like bats can hear much more than what we can, similarly some organism can see what we cannot see?
  • What is Solution? Can you prepare solutions of 5 types given from the various objects present on your table right now?
  • Write electronic configuration of Na and Cl.
  • What are acids and bases? Name any two acids which you can find easily in your home
  • What is the relation between charge and current? If you carry a charge with you does it means current is flowing?
  • Define Physics and Chemistry. What is Biology? What is study of cells known as?
  • Do you have invertor in your home? The battery of invertor has which acid?
  • How you will differentitate between metals and non metals
  • If you want to prepare electricity using turbine at power plant, which would be your favourite process-evaporation or boiling? and why?
  • Why there is so much difference between hearing capacities of a man, bat and a dog?
  • Lungs also release waste and so does kidney. What is the difference between them?
  • Which organ of your body is most important in terms of daily functioning? leave the option of heart
  • Define Cell wall and Mitochondria?

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