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Sample NTSE Interview Questions (Part 5 of 9)

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  • Who according to you is the greatest ruler of India?
  • Why Indian rulers from the ancient time were not intersted in going to other countries for campaign?
  • In India we are still using various rules framed by the britishers and still we criticise Britishers for anti Indian laws before the independence?
  • Why in India, English is preferred than the Hindi or regional languages. For example it would be tough to find good books in English at graduate and post graduate level and neither the students studying Hindi or regional langauge.
  • What is the difference between developing and developed country?
  • What is pole star? Draw its approximate location
  • Name any two rivers of Africa other than river Nile.
  • You like reading Atlas? Have you ever find anything interesting in Atlas, after which you feel bit happy and excited?
  • Define the position of the sun
  • What are asteroids?
  • What is the average rainfall of your region/city?
  • Can you tell what is the climatic region of your region/city?
  • Name any two type of tides.
  • Who discovered proton? What was the contribution of the Rutherford?
  • Give any two alloys of Tin and Aluminium
  • Give one example of folded mountains.
  • Western Ghats are continuous while Eastern Ghats are broken. Why?
  • Yous hould know the capitals of all the states of India and major countries of the world.
  • What were he policies used by the Britishers to take control of the various states of India?
  • What is difference between state and a society? A citizen should prefer a state or a society?
  • In real life every process involves physics, chemistry and maths. Give any 5 exams as such. Can you explain all of them using the process of breathing?
  • What is the difference between gene and a chromosome?
  • Who was the founder of Buddhism and Jainism?
  • How Buddhism is fundamentally different from Jainism?
  • Buddhism followers are now very less in India. Why?
  • Name 10 Freedom fighters of India. Not more than 2 from one state.
  • Except our neighbours and Gulf countries, give example of a country which is Islamic?
  • Which region of India is most prone to earthquakes?
  • What do you mean by Rabi and Kharif crop? Give one example of each.
  • What is the capital of Mauritius and Maldives?

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