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QUESTION 1: Currently, I am in class 10th . Can I appear for NTSE Exam?

ANSWER: 1: The eligibility for NTSE has changed. The student of Class X standard is eligible to give NTSE from Class VIII.

QUESTION 2: From where I can get the NTSE first stage (state level) forms?

ANSWER: 2: To Apply for the NTSE Examination aspirants have to go through with the process stated below: Use Legal (8.5 β€œX 14” ) size paper for taking print.

Instructions for filling up the application form for State Level National Talent Search Examination

  • The application form is meant for the students appearing at the State Level NTS examination organized by each state/UT.
  • The candidate/Principal shall submit the form directly to the state or UT liaison officer only.
  • The candidate/Principal must deposit the application fee, if any prescribed by state/UTs with application form.
  • The candidate/Principal should leave the 4-Digit Centre code blank, to be filled by the liaison officer or other authorities.

Important Note: Students can enroll their names for the examination through the school only.

QUESTION 3: What is the syllabus for NTSE Exam?

ANSWER: 3: National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) .

NTSE Syllabus: The NCERT has decided the syllabus for the NTSE and is based on NCERT books. The NTSE is organized by NCERT for the students who are studying in Xth standard. The NTSE comprises of two level tests:

  1. MAT (Mental Ability Test)
  2. SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

Both have 90 MCQs with 4 alternatives marked 1,2, 3 and 4. The candidate has to select one right answer from the given option choices and mark its number in the provided answer sheet. Each correct answer carries one mark, which will be added and for each wrong answer there is negative marking scheme announced from session 2013 βˆ’ 14. It is suggested that you refer NCERT 6 to 10 for social sciences.

QUESTION 4: How many exams are there in the NTSE?

ANSWER: 4: First stage (STSE-State Talent Search Examination) is the state level. After clearing stage-1 selected student are eligible to write Stage-II

QUESTION 5: How many scholarships are given in NTSE?

ANSWER: 5: 1000

QUESTION 6: Is there any kind of reservation in NTSE scholarship?

ANSWER: 6: Yes, reservation for SC, ST and Physically handicapped students.

QUESTION 7: Where are the examination centers for the first stage?

ANSWER: 7: It is available in almost all districts center of the states.

QUESTION 8: What is my district or center code?

ANSWER: 8: Usually the center code is mentioned on the application form itself, in case you don՚t have details on the form, you should contact school authorities or the concerned state liaison officer. If form has been collected personally, then contact the concerned person and if downloaded from the website, then call the concerned authority. Few states do have clear information on their website/form.

QUESTION 9: Where my interview would be held?

ANSWER: 9: Now interview have been discontinued in NTSE.

QUESTION 10: Is there any state quota in NTSE?

ANSWER: 10: Yes, there is state quota in NTSE Stage-1 i.e.. . Selected number of candidates from the state will qualify the first round (STSE) . However, it must be noted that there is no state quota for the final result.

QUESTION 11: I am in class IX. Can I appear in NTSE?

ANSWER: 11: Only 10th class studying students can appear in NTSE. Those students who have given NTSE while studying in class VIIIth are not eligible to write the exam again.

QUESTION 12: When the result of NTSE Stage-1 held in November will be declared?

ANSWER: 12: Generally, it takes 2 βˆ’ 4 months depending upon the state.

QUESTION 13: Is there any negative marking applicable in NTSE?

ANSWER: 13: Yes. From the session 2013 βˆ’ 2014 NTSE has scheme of negative marking (in stage-II) .

QUESTION 14: What kind of questions will be there in NTSE Stage-1 exam?

ANSWER: 14: Objective type questions-MCQs with one correct option

QUESTION 15: I have no idea, whom to send my NTSE form?

ANSWER: 15: First Stage: It has to be attested by your school Principal and it is sent through your school. For Second level, you need not to apply, you will receive the admit card from NCERT for the second stage.

QUESTION 16: I have not received my admit card for the state level NTSE. What should I do now?

ANSWER: 16: NTSE first round admit card is either dispatched or have to be collected personally as per the instruction from you state liaison office.

QUESTION 17: I have cleared First Level State Talent Search Examination. How I can apply for National Level Round?

Answer 17: No need to fill any form for national round. You will get an admit card for the national round from NCERT usually in April.

QUESTION 18: Can I request for rechecking of my mark sheet?

Answer 18: No, the NCERT do not permit it but you can get your scores by RTI if you do not receive your score.

QUESTION 19: What is the benefit of cracking NTSE?

Answer 19: The scholarships under the present scheme are granted to the candidates for studying courses in sciences and social sciences up to doctoral level and in professional courses such as medicine and engineering up to second-degree level subject to the accomplishment of the conditions given in the brochure. There are in all 1000 scholarships awarded. The amount of scholarship will be β‚Ή 1250/-per month for all the students studying in Class XI and XII, β‚Ή 2000 per month for UG and PG courses except for Ph. D. wherein it is paid as per UGC norms as per NTSE 2015 notification.

QUESTION 20: Is there any district quota in NTSE?

Answer 20: There is no district quota in NTSE.

QUESTION 21: Are different types of questions asked in in different states in NTSE first stage?

Answer 21: The number of questions allocated for each subject are as follows:

  • Physics-12
  • Chemistry-11
  • Biology-12
  • Mathematics-20
  • History-10
  • Geography-10
  • Political Science-10
  • Economics-5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I register myself for NTSE exams first stage from haryana?

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    1 Answer

    Usually NTSE notification is available with the school itself, you can contact your school to register and apply for NTSE.

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  • My daughter is in sixth std. at school panaji GOA, I want to details of NTSE and classes available

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    1 Answer

    We provide online classes for NTSE but before that we suggest that you avail the following material and postal courses - and

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