How Should You Prepare for NTSE

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MAT and SAT will have equal weightage in NTSE exam so you must devote equal time to prepare both sections. Some of us tend to overdo preparation of 3 subjects but in the process tend to ignore MAT. Also, it is very important to note that MAT carries more weightage than any of the subjects and if you score good in MAT you can supersede your colleagues.

Start your preparation with last year՚s NTSE papers: Understand the type of questions asked and your current level, take last year՚s paper or good NTSE sample questions and write once and see what you score. This will help you gain a knowledge of NTSE and also give you a brief idea of your standing

Examine your performance: Make sure you minutely check, what you could do and what you had a hard time with and discover your weakness like is it the knowledge of subject matter that you lacked? Or did you miss out because you commit some silly mistakes? Or mental ability questions took a long time for you?

Prepare a plan: Once you note your own weak points, just make a plan, study and revise the subject matter not just for NTSE but also for your school. Practice more mental ability questions but the time management will depend upon your analysis of your strength and weaknesses in that particular aspect.

Practice, practice and practice: Practice is the ultimate key of success. Get exposed to more questions of mental ability, solve as many papers as possible and evaluate each one in detail. Take the help of your seniors to gain confidence, develop good speed to solve MAT questions and knowledge and accuracy for subject.

Time needed to prepare for NTSE differs from person to person caliber. Try spending atleast 2 − 3 hours per week or more. Be very critical of your performance and minutely assess your weaknesses.

When should I start to prepare for NTSE?

It is good to either start gradually from class IX or do it in a flow bit rigorously from June till the examination in Oct-Nov.

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