Preparation for NTSE

Doorsteptutor material for NTSE/Stage-I-State-Level is prepared by world's top subject experts: get questions, notes, tests, video lectures and more- for all subjects of NTSE/Stage-I-State-Level.

The most basic approach of preparing for the National Talent Search Exam and become an NTSE Scholar is by enhancing and improving your knowledge as well as applications of the conceptual knowledge of the syllabus up to class X.

It is very important that one must have NTSE preparation is cultivating ‘analytical thinking’ whereby knowledge acquired, concepts learnt, misconceptions understood and fundamentals absorbed along with thinking skills help you to follow a logical and strategic solution to a particular problem.

Nearly 15 % of the Science and Mathematics topics are based on advanced in-depth applications which however do not need understanding of concepts of class XI or higher. Exhaustive practice of advance problems on the syllabus of CBSE IX and X should be enough to succeed.

Managing Social Studies topics is very important, as in Stage-I knowledge of History, Geography and Civics up to zonal level are needed, but in Stage-II students must have very sound knowledge of our country as a whole. State Board books along with CBSE text book are must for regional knowledge and attaining good marks in social sciences.

Practice as much mock tests as possible. Numerous Online and Offline MOCK Tests are available, which a student can join.

Selection Procedure

Identification of talent comprises a two-stage selection process.

  • NTSE Stage-I organized by the State or UT (usually in November) -FOR CLASS Xth STUDENTS.
  • NTSE Stage-II organized at the National Level (usually in May) -FOR Stage-I Qualified Students only.

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