Tips for NTSE Students

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What Chapter to Study

Following mentioned are some of the most important tips, when deciding what chapter to study on any given day:

If you have ample time, workout on that chapter in which you are weak and one that is very important from the exam՚s point of view.

If you do not have ample time left, go through chapter that you are comfortable with, is less practiced but is an important chapter.

Give priority to important chapters ′ first, study those topics well.

When exams are just about to come, not touch new chapters because it will create unnecessary stress.

Important milestone is practicing so focus on mock tests and also school exams.

Tips Beyond Studies

  • Follow strict schedule, study hard and spend few hours regularly on preparation.
  • Exercise at this time will keep your mind, body and soul fit mainly breathing exercises should be included in the schedule to overcome the stress and for intellectual challenges.
  • Stay on a healthy diet. Do not eat fried, fatty and high sugar foods and eat more and more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Tips for the Preparation of Exam

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail” Therefore, planning is an essential part of success and you must have a right plan from the beginning. Follow that plan carefully and generously.

Decipher Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses

Journey can be successful only if you know the starting point. You need to understand your strengths and weaknesses for any test preparation, like you can be strong in Mathematics, average in MAT and totally weak in Social Sciences. This will help you form strategy for converting weakness to strengths.

Expert Opinions-How to Prepare for Competitive Exam

Most of the students avoid studying a lot. However, there is no good shortcut for it. In present day world competitive entrance exam is more often a regular feature in any student՚s life. Starting with pre-nursery admissions to post-graduate courses given the limited number of seats in the well accredited colleges and courses, there is an increasing competition and also a tough task for many.

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