Language Comprehension Test (LCT) – Gujarat 2017 Part – 1

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Q: 1. Give the name of poet of poem, ‘The Patriot’.

(A) Robert Browning

(B) Henry Francis Lyte

(C) Hans Anderson

(D) Laurance Houseman

Q: 2. Prof. Hawking earned fame for which research?

(A) Mystery of plants

(B) Mystery of Black hole

(C) Mystery of space

(D) Mystery of Aging

Q: 3. What is the meaning of conjurer?

(A) Wonder

(B) Scholar

(C) Magician

(D) Musician

Q: 4. The poem ‘Independence’ is taken from the collection from_________.

(A) Propa Propaganda

(B) Life is fine

(C) Daddy

(D) The poor ghost

Q: 5. On which date did the fire start?

(A) August 14, 1966

(B) January 15, 1955

(C) September 2, 1966

(D) March 1, 1965

Q: 6. The author of ‘A visit to Cambridge’ felt relief and exhilaration because_________

(A) His body was strong.

(B) Hawking was weak.

(C) He had suddenly gained strength.

(D) He learnt that even the disabled body could do a lot.

Q: 7. The little match girl’ story is famous for__________

(A) Its poignant tragedy

(B) Because of its beauty

(C) None of these

(D) Both A and B

Q: 8.‘Under Fire’ by Laurence Housman which character is not found?

(A) Prince Albert

(B) The Queen

(C) Andrea

(D) Court Usher

Q: 9. Who wrote the poem ‘Ants’?

(A) Anon

(B) Whittier

(C) Henry W.Longfellow

(D) Grabriel Okara

Q: 10. The author Mulkraj Anand says, “Mustard field like melting gold because__________

(A) The Mustard flowers are yellow in colour.

(B) The Mustard flowers are golden yellow in colour.

(C) The Mustard flowers are red and yellow in colour.

(D) The Mustard flowers are green and yellow in colour.

Q: 11. Who understand the value of independence or freedom?

(A) Slave

(B) Owner

(C) Servant

(D) Merchant

Q: 12. What was the name of the ship that sank after being hit (to strike against) by an iceberg?

(A) Oscar

(B) Vikrant

(C) Titanic

(D) Cruise

Q: 13 The Ants work in________

(A) Individually

(B) Separately

(C) Gang

(D) Couple

Q: 14. Marcus hated________

(A) Walking

(B) Barking

(C) Dreaming

(D) Sleeping

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