Language Comprehension Test (LCT) – Gujarat 2017 Part-2

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Q: 15. Jim Bishop’s father was_______

(A) A priest

(B) A policemen

(C) A soldier

(D) A diamond merchant

Q: 16. The poet compares the songs sung by his mother with______

(A) Cuckoo’s song

(B) Hymns

(C) Tinkling sounds of streams


Q: 17. _______Was Miko’s weak point

(A) Imagining

(B) Counting

(C) Minding sleep

(D) Complaining

Q: 18. When Dr. Sher Singh checked the patient’s reflexes. They were________

(A) Loud and clear

(B) On the dot

(C)Clear and strong

(D) Weak and Unsteady

Q: 19. The instructor was rather shocked to see that the writer had drawn _____in his book.

(A) Stem cells

(B) On the dot

(3) Clear and strong

(D) Weak and unsteady

Q: 20. Bolenciecwez was asked a question on _______that he could not reply even after at of prompting till very late.

(A) Plant cell

(B) Mechanics of flora

(C) Means of transportation

(D) Animal cells

Q: 21. ‘A worng man in worker’s paradise’ is written by______

(A) James Thurber

(B) Jan morris

(C) Ruskin Bond

(D) Rabindranath Tagore

Q: 22. Jerome K. Jerome was not having only disease and that was_____________.

(A) St. vitus’s Dance

(B) Gout

(C) House maid’s Knee

(D) Zymosis

Q: 23. The poet in the poem ‘commuter’ takes his lunch___________

(A) In his office

(B) At his house

(C) In the canteen

(D) At a restaurant

Q: 24. The level of noise made by a motorcycle is__________, decibels

(A) 100

(B) 90

(C) 86

(D) 85

Q: 25. The writer of ‘mulch Ado nothing is________

(A) Jan Morris

(B) Data Wimbrow

(C) Will Stanton

(D) D.E.V. Lucas

Q: 26. Robert Burns compare his love with_______

(A) Seas

(B) A sweetly played melody

(C) Rocks

(D) Sands of life

Q: 27. The poem ‘Milk for the cat’ is written by _________

(A) Harold Monro

(B) Anonymous

(C) William Morris

(D) D.H. Lawrence

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