NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) : Gujarat State Paper for Year 2015 Section LCT

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1. Mansi wanted ________a doctor when she was in Primary School.

(A) became (B) to became (C) becomes (D) had becomes

2. Jaydeep helps his friends but he ________ not by them.

(A) is help (B) does help (C) is helped (D) does helped

3. The next year, the Government of Gujarat ________ business summit at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar.

(A) organize (B) organized (C) will organize (D) is (organized)

4. Before we reached the cinema hall, the film ‘Bajarangi Bhaijan’ ________.

(A) to start (B) stfarted (C) had started (D) was started

5. l saw a beggar near the temple. He work ________ clothes, though it was winter.

(A) tears (B) tearing (C) torn (D) to tear

6. Meet and l study in the same school but Meet is cleverer than ________ .

(A) l (B) my (C) me (D) mine

7. Give the plural from of word ‘mouse’

(A) mouses (B) mousies (C) mices (D) mice

8. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was a great scientist, ________?

(A) was he (B) is he (C) wasn՚t he (D) Won՚t he

9. Amit has not a big mobile, ________?

(A) has he (B) have he (C) have not he (D) isn՚t

10. Come on India ________We want a six.

(A) ! (B) , (C) . (D) ?

11. Choose the correct inversion question of the following sentence. Kiran played cricket yesterday.

(A) is Kiran played cricket yesterday? (C) Dose Kiran played cricket yesterday?

(B) Was Kiran played cricket yesterday? (D) Did Kiran played Cricket yesterday?

12. India is one of________ oldest civilization in the world.

(A) a (B) an (C) the (D) at

13. i will stay ________ you return.

(A) either (B) until (C) or (D) after

Read the passage and give the answer given below it. (14 to 17)

Once there was mouse. The mouse always looked worried because it was afraid of cats. A magician had pity on it and turned it into cat. Now the cat was afraid of dog. So, the magician turned the cat into a dog. The dog began to fear tigers. Now the magician turned the dog into a tiger. The tiger began to fear hunters. Once day the magician said, Be the 5 mouse, again, you are no better than mouse at heart

14. What was mouse afraid of?

(A) dog (B) cat (C) car (D) bus

15. What did the magician turn the cat into?

(A) rat (B) dog (C) tiger (D) ant

16. What did magician do with the dog?

(A) turned cat (B) mouse (C) tiger (D) hunter

17. Tiger was turned into?

(A) cat (B) dog (C) hunter (D) mouse

18. Pick odd one out.

(A) cat (B) mouse (C) rat (D) hunter

19. As brave as a _

(A) cat (B) lion (C) mouse (D) horse

20. As blind as _

(A) a been I, (B) a eagle (C) a crow (D) a bat

21. Choose the correct passive form of the sentence. He gave me a chocolate. .

(A) I was given me a chocolate. (C) A chocolate was given to me by him

(B) A chocolate is given by me. (D) A chocolate is given by him

22. Choose the opposite of ‘dusk’

(A) morning′ (B) day (C) dawn (D) evening

23. Maya ________playing in the garden now.

(A) was playing (B) are playing (C) is playing (D) am playing

24. Meena ________a school bag.

(A) have (B) has (C) is (D) was

25. Peacock is ________most beautiful bird. .

(A) a (B) an (C) of (D) the

26. I am waiting for ________ hour.

(A) a (B) an (C) the (D) since

27. Change the gender of ‘Poet’

(A) Poet (B) Poettess (C) Pootess (D) Peotiess

28. I know the person ________is very happy.

(A) whose (B) whom (C) when (D) who

29. If I could fly, I ________to the moon.

(A) could go (B) would go (C) go (D) gone

30. What do you think________ this place?

(A) on (B) for (C) by (D) about

31. Rhyming word of ‘hill’ is________

(A) ball (B) doll (C) fall (D) chill

32. Plural form of the Word mineral is ________

(A) minerales (B) minerals (C) minarals (D) minaral՚s

33. Add proper question tag. Utsav passed the examination?

(A) wasn՚t he (B) Didn՚t he (C) was he (D) did he

34. Gandhiji said, “My life is my________”

(A) massage (B) message (C) messge (D) meseg

35. l have come here just ________minutes ago.

(A) some (B) many (C) a few (D) much

36. find out odd one from the following.

(A) mouse (B) laptop (C) pen (D) pen drive

37. The cow is ________animal.

(A) domestic (B) domastic (C) domise (D) demestic

38. Mina ________from the mall the next week.

(A) buy toys (B) bought toys (C) will be bought toys (D) will buy toys

39. Indian Team reached Chennai ________ train.

(A) in (B) by (C) with (D) on

40. Find out the correct spelling from the following.

(A) convineint (B) convenient (C) conenenint (D) convaneint

41. Choose the opposite word of ‘manual’

(A) machenecal (B) michenical (C) mechanical (D) mechinecal

42. fine out the similar meaning of the following phrase: “Look for”

(A) look in (B) look after (C) look into (D) scarch

43. Choose the past participale form ofthe verb: “Spread”

(A) spreal (B) spreaded (C) sprond (D) spreading

44. ________water is there in the glass?

(A) How many (B) How much (C) How far (D) How Long

45. We ________ use solar energy in our daily life.

(A) must (B) should (C) would (D) could

46. Virat Kohali has been batting________ early morning.

(A) for (B) from (C) since (D) during

47. The teacher distributed the chocolates ________ children

(A) between (B) among (C) each other (D) both

48. captain played well, India lost the match.

(A) lf (B) Unless (C) Though (D) Because

49. Rohit is not clever as Manisha. _

(A) as (B) the (C) so (D) than

50. Gandhiji believed in________.

(A) violance (B) violence (C) non violence (D) non violence

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