Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Gujarat-2017 Part – 5

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Q: 53. Which is the improved hybrid variety of Wheat?

(A) Sona

(B) Sonalika

(C) PS-16

(D) Paras

Q: 54. Which of the following is not consumer?

(A) Carnivores

(B) Herbivores

(C) Autotrophs

(D) Omnivores

Q: 55. What is the range of wavelength of U.V. rays?

(A) 132 to 200nm

(B) 310 to 400nm

(C) 310 to 200nm

(D) 300 to 200nm

Q: 56. Which of the following gland acts as an endocrine gland as well as exocrine gland?

(A) Salivary gland

(B) Pancreas gland

(C) Pituitary gland

(D) Parathyroid gland

Q: 57. By which cell the process of opening and closing of stomata is controlled?

(A) Epidermal cell

(B) Guard Cell

(C) Accessory cell

(D) Leaf Cell

Q: 58. What is the weight of the brain of an adult human?

(A) 1350gm

(B) 1.350gm

(C) 1530gm

(D) 3150gm

Q: 59. How many upper chambers are present in human heart?

(A) Four

(B) Three

(C) Two

(D) One

Q: 60. In which book endangered plant species names are published?

(A) Endangered species book

(B) Green data book

(C) Red data book

(D) Yellow data book

Q: 61. “Kanchenjungha” peak is situated in ____ state of India.

(A) Arunachal Pradesh

(B) Asam

(C) Sikkim

(D) Uttaranchal

Q: 62. By which name the combined flow of river the Ganga and the Brahmputra is Known?

(A) Doab

(B) Bangar

(C) Meghna

(D) Tarai

Q: 63. Which area in Jammu and Kashmir is an area of scanty rainfall?

(A) Leh

(B) Ladakh

(C) Jammu

(D) Kashmir

Q: 64. Distance between India and Europe was reduced due to ______ canal.

(A) Suez

(B) Panama

(C) Agra

(D) Grand

Q: 65. Which river does not meet to Bay of Bengal?

(A) Krishna

(B) Kaveri

(C) Maha

(D) Narmada

Q: 66. What is Prepared out of the liquid of Child?

(A) Catechu

(B) Turpentine

(C) Lac

(D) Dam

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