Language Comprehension Test (LCT) Paper – Maharashtra 2016 − 17 Part – 2

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Q: 10. Which word in the passage means ‘cried in a low pitch?

(1) Wailed

(2) Cramped

(3) Terror

(4) Inmates

Directions (Q. Nos. 11 - 15):

Read the passage and answer the following questions:

In 1933 – 34 I got my first chance to play in Test cricket in India. The M.C.C. team under Douglas Jardine was in our country to play three test matches. Fortunately I was able to do sufficient well to retain my place in all the three Tests.

During the Test matches my younger sister, Laxmi, had given me an autograph book to get the autographs of the visiting players. I had carefully put down M.C.C. Touring Team – 1933-34 on one of the pages. Under this heading I took the autographs of all the 16 players who visited India.

Two months later I had an occasion to approach Gandiji for his autograph which my sister was very keen to have. There were quite a few people present when I made my request. Gandhiji smiled and leafed through the pages of the autograph book and then underneath the names of the MC.C players wrote. ’17 – M.K. Gandhi’. I immediately understood the greatness of the man and what had prompted him. By that unforgettable signature as the seventeenth man of the M.C.C. team he showed that although he was prepared to fight the British Government tooth and nail for the independence of India, he had nothing against the common man of England and was prepared to put himself down as the seventeenth man of an English Cricket Team.

Q: 11. Which nations team played three test matched?

(1) West Indies and India

(2) England and India

(3) Australia and India

(4) S. Africa and India

Q: 12. With whom was Mahatma Gandhi fighting for freedom?

(1) British people

(2) British Governor

(3) British Government

(4) All of these

Q: 13. The phrase ‘to put down’ means:

(1) wear

(2) write

(3) get down

(4) keep

Q: 14. Why did Mahatma Gandhi put himself down in the English team? Because:

(1) He had nothing against the British

(2) He had nothing against the British government

(3) He had nothing against the British common people

(4) none of the above

Q: 15. Author’s younger sister Laxmi has given him the autograph took for:

(1) Writing down scores

(2) Listing down the team members

(3) Getting autographs of visiting players

(4) Getting autograph of Mahatma Gandhi

Directions (Q. nos. 16 and 17):

The following five sentences come from a single paragraph. The first and the last sentences are given. Choose the right order in which the sentences (P, Q, R) should appear to complete the paragraph:

Q: 16

S1: One day I decided to make my favourite sandwich




S5: I then sprinkled pepper and ate my sandwich with relish.

P: Then I toasted the bread and put some mayo, tomatoes, and lettuce on it.

Q: First I washed tomatoes and the lettuce and chopped them.

R: So I went to the kitchen and gathered all the things needed on the counter.


(1) PQR

(2) PRQ

(3) RQP

(4) RPQ

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