Language Comprehension Test (LCT) Paper – Maharashtra 2016 − 17 Part – 3

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Q: 17

S1: The alarm goes off and I hit snooze and go back to bed.




S5 When I finally get ready, I relish I have no time for breakfast and have to leave without it.

P: Then it goes off again and I snooze it again and go to bed.

Q: Finally I realize I have very less time to get up and get ready.

R: It goes off the third time and once more I snooze it.


(1) PRQ

(2) RQP

(3) QPR

(4) RPQ

Directions (Q. Nos. 18 and 19):

The following questions have the second sentence missing. Choose the appropriate sentence from the given option to complete it. The second sentence should link the first and last sentences.

Q: 18

A: My greatest strength is my exceptional teachers.


C: It was due to this I am able to think creatively.

(1) I read a lot of books

(2) They have given me the liberty to think individually and learn by experimentation.

(3) I have always liked to go to school and enjoyed leaning

(4) I have successfully cleared many competition exams.

Q: 19

A: On a hot summer afternoon, two friends walked a few miles


C: They wanted to stop and get some water.

(1) They become thirsty after walking in the hot sum.

(2) They had to reach on time to catch a bus

(3) They had their school bags in their hands

(4) They saw some big, shady trees on the way.

Directions (Q. Nos. 20 to 29):

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options from the given alternatives:

Q: 20 I don’t expect him to change his mind because I know he is very ……………………..

(1) Patient

(2) Hardworking

(3) Obstinate

(4) Obstinate

Q: 21. Our teacher is a ……………… person. She easily captivates the attention of the students.

(1) Lethargic

(2) Dynamic

(3) Ionic

(4) Uninteresting

Q: 22. My father gets very angry with us whenever we make a mistake. He has no …………….. for mistakes.

(1) Tolerance

(2) Impatience

(3) Solution

(4) Tolerate

Q: 23. Teachers like ……………… students who never break rules.

(1) Mischievous

(2) Studios

(3) Stubborn

(4) Obedient

Q: 24. We didn’t see the meteor shower due to ……………….. weather condition.

(1) Hot

(2) Cold

(3) Unfavourable

(4) Favourable

Q: 25. He is wet. He …………………….. of the sea.

(1) Has just come out

(2) Just comes out

(3) Had just come out

(4) Was just coming out

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