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Directions (Q. Nos. 14)

Read the passage and answer the questions given below it :

The world over, nations have been vying to attract tourists. And yet, a huge section of the intelligentsia.

is convinced that more the tourists, the corresponding is the decline in pristine nature of the place. Parrot Island, in the calm and balmy waters of Andaman is one such place that has escaped the herd of tourists.

No wonder, that with its trimmed lush green mangroves and green meadows bordering the sea, it is nature at its best. Untouched and virgin miles of beach that are an answer to the prayers of those seeking solace in the arms of mother nature." place. Parrot Island, in the calm and balmy waters of Andaman is one such place that has escaped the herd of tourists.

Gifted with the combination of serenity and solitude, bluish backwater, which is neither flowing nor stagnant, Parrot Island is balm for the soul. Here the approach to the island is a pleasure. Five small islands form a stunning visage as one approaches this island. It is strange to see such a beautiful and gorgeous place, enchanting ambience and yet so largely unexplored. Naturally, I felt I was one the only luckiest spectator that evening, when I saw the beautiful visage of the five islands.

From Nilambur Jetty, there is the option of travelling to Parrot Island and the nearby Limestone caves. It takes 20 minutes boat ride from the Nilambur Jetty to Parrot Island. Without meandering, I can say with certainty that Parrot Island is a must visit for all Indians. As the evening sun descends down, the sky spreading a crimson colour which at times looks like a mix of orange , pink and purple light . Be one with this island for witnessing the early sunrise Parrots flocking together in search of their paradise.

Visit this paradise

1. According to intellectual, increasing number of tourists, leads to.........

(1) More attractions for tourist destinations

(2) Increase in the number of tourists

(3) Decline in the pristine nature of the place

(4) Betterment of tourist facilities

2. The passage is about............ .

(1) Tourism in general (2) Parrot Island(3) Nilambur Jetty (4) Effect of tourism

3. Which of the given is not mentioned as a special features of the Parrot Island?

(1) largely explored place (2) calm and balmy waters

(3) enhancing ambience (4) Serenity and solitude

4. Which word in the passage means . feeling of emotional comfort.?

(1) balmy (2) virgin (3) meandering (4) solace

Direction (Q. Nos. 5 0 8)


The rain refused to let up. The ground-floor of the building, inside the ONCG colony at Panvel, was already with water and the level was raising by the minute. At 8 p.m., the power went off, plunging the entire area into darkness. By that time, the water had risen from ground-level to a height of five feet. Parth and his mother were busy packing, afraid that they might have to vacate their first floor, flat, too.

His father, a finance manager with ONGC, was struck on his way home. Suddenly they heard screams and banging. Parth rushed downstrairs and waded through the water-neck-deep by this time-towards the ground-floor flat. Their door, he found out, was struck and, with the water-level rising alarmingly the trapped family liked an ominous future. Parth found a piece of log from a neighbour and began to hammer on the door. .People from the entire building had come down, but just stood paralysed,. He says. After while, the mesh gave way but the main door still wouldn.t open. By this time the water came almost up to his mouth. .I don.t remember anything,. he says, .just that door and the children crying inside and that he had to get them out.. After many more heave, the top half splintered and fell through. The family was pulled out to safety. Not surprisingly, it is the army and its spirit and service that he admires the most.

5. Which natural calamity is the heroic deed related to?

(1) fire outbreak (2) floods

(3) rising water level (4) family trapped in a house

6. For which act of bravery was Parth awarded?

(1) Saving a family trapped inside a house

(2) Surviving the flood and coming out safe

(3) Notifying the authorities about the flood

(4) Leaving the flood affected area with his mother

7. Why was the entire area plunged in darkness?

(1) Light were switched off (2) There was a short circuit due to water

(3) Power failure because of heavy rainfall (4) Reason not mentioned in the passage8.11.15-3

8. The word .Ominous. means......... .

(1) bad omen (2) unpredictable (3) bright (4) unknown

Directions (Q. Nos. 9 . 12)

Read the passage and answer the questions given below it:

More than 175 species of birds can be seen in and around the city. Painted stork and Black Ibis are considered nearly threatened bird species as per international standards. But these birds can still be seen near Pune. However, their number is reducing rapidly. Birds like Lesser Flamingos have vanished, while species like Jungle crow and Black Winged stilt are seen everywhere. These birds indicate the high level of pollution in the city.

The disappearing of hills and forests air and water pollution are the major factors for this. The situation will worsen in the near future. The rapidly increase in the population will lead to further encroachment on bird habitats. Big trees, which are nesting areas for larger birds, are being cut to widen roads and build residential complexes. By law, it is compulsory for builders to replant trees if they have had to cut trees for building purposes. However, the builder lobby is least bothered about tree plantation and they are even excused after their grease palms.

It is high time we ensure that the right environment is created for the protection of birds. Birds are trying to adjust to their surroundings and. all they need is a little support from us. Article 51 A of the Indian Constitution stipulates that it is the duty of every citizen to protect the environment. However, we care only about our rights and conveniently forget our duties.

9. Which of the given birds is not an endangered species ?

(1) Painted Stork (3) Black Winged Stilt

(2) Black Ibis (4) Lesser Flamingos

10. Article 51 A of the Indian Constitution stresses upon

(1) tree plantation (2) right environment for bird protection

(3) high level of pollution (4) duty of the citizens to protect the environment

11. It is compulsory for .................... to replant the trees they have cut.

(1) builders (2) citizens

(3) government (4) environmentalists

12. Which of the given is a major reason for reduction in the number of

birds ?

(1) disappearing hills and forests (2) air and water pollution

(3) both (1) and (2) are correct (4) neither (1) nor (2) is correct-2016 08.11.15-4

13. S1 : The product was launched six months back.

S2. ................

S3. ................

S3. ................

S5 : The company now many bring down the price.

P : One of the reasons is that it is costly.

Q : It is one of its kind in India.

R : However the marketing reports are not good.

Options :

(1) PQR (2) QRP (3) RPQ (4) RQP

14. S1 : Rajiv wanted to become a doctor.

S2. ................

S3. ................

S3. ................

S5 He put away enough money to pay his first year fees.

P : They could not afford the fees.

Q : Undaunted, he pursued a job in the dockyard.

R : However, he came from a poor family.

Options :

(1) PQR (2) QPR (3) PRQ (4) RPQ

Directions (Q. Nos. 15 and 16) :

The following questions have the second sentence missing. Choose the appropriate alternative to complete it.

15. A : Sheela woke up late

B : .........

C : so, by the time she reached school, it had already started.

(1) She took her time to get ready

(2) She got ready in a hurry.

(3) She missed her school, bus, as she was late.

(4) She had her breakfast.

16. A : We arrived at work on Monday.

B : .........

C : So, we immediately informed the police.

(1) Things were as we had left them on Friday.

(2) We found that someone had burgled the office.

(3) We saw that the phone was not working.

(4) We were unable. to open the lock.TSE-2016 08.11.15-5

Directions (Q. Nos. 17 . 21)

Choose the correct word and fill in the blanks.

17. One who loves mankind is called a_______________

(1) Philanthropist

(2) Misanthropist

(3) Kind

(4) Philosopher

18. A building for lodging of soldiers is

(1) Camp (2) Station (3) Barrack (4) Battalion

19. If someone opposes others all the time you call him ...

(1) Soldier (2) Fighter (3) Protagonist (4) Antagonist

20. A long journey especially by sea is a

(1) Voyage (2) Odyssey (3) Safari (4) Flight

21. When a ruler is autocratic, he is .....

(1) Co-operative (2) Dictatorial (3) Inspirational (4) Charitable

Directions (Q. Nos. 22-25)

Choose the correct meaning of the idioms and phrases :,

22. At wit's end :

(1) impoverished (2) annoyed (3) completed (4) perplexed

23. Out of the blue

(1) angrily (2) quietly (3) unexpectedly (4) revengefully

24. In round numbers

(1) roughly (2) strictly (3) maximum (4) approximately

25. Few and far between

(1) rare (2) Simple (3) different (4) frequent

Directions (Q. Nos. 26 . 33) :SE-2016 08.11.15-6

In the following passage, there are some numbered blanks. Fill in the blanks by choosing the appropriate word from the given options.

Pleasure and pain are inseparable facets (26) ........ Human existence. While the experience of our well-being is rather vague and intangible, (27) ......... of pain is real and affects our body, mind and spirit, (28) ....... our lives in more ways than one. Pain is an unpleasant experience caused by tissue damage that (29) ....... from physical trauma, burns, illness or injury. Despite the agony caused (30) ....... pain, it is essential (31) ....... our

survival. Pain (32) ....... an alarm bell, (33) ...... you to pay immediate attention and take action.

26. (1) in (2) on

(3) of (4) by

27. (1) experiencing (2) experience

(3) experiences (4) experienced

28. (1) alter (2) alters

(3) altered (4) altering

29. (1) resulted (2) is resulting

(3) result (4) results

30 (1) by (2) on

(3) in (4) of

31. (1) of (2) for

(3) with (4) by

32. (1) rang (2) alerting

(3) alerts (4) alert2016 08.11.15-7

Directions (Q. Nos. 34-37) :

Choose the appropriate word and fill in the blanks :

34. The ......... mother took lots of efforts to bring up her children.

(1) anxious (2) anxiety (3) anxiously (4) anxiousness

35. A curious thing about the .......... of motion films, is that the people who made it were not

interested in films

(1) develop (2) developing (3) development (4) to develop

36. The police say untidiness should not be a reason ........ People to avoid subways.

(1) by (2) because (3) to (4) for

37. Most dogs snarl ......... you pull their tail.

(1) unless (2) if (3) because (4) since

Directions (Q. Nos. 38 . 40) :

Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word :

38. Abundance :

(1) Magnificient (2) Scarcity (3) Magnanimous (4) Rare

39. Conquer:

(1) Victorious (2) Winner (3) Defeated (4) Surrender

40. Flexible :

(1) Rigid (2) Still (3) Deep (4) Unfortunate

Directions (Q. Nos. 41 . 44) :

Read the passage and answer the questions given below it :

As my habit, that morning too I stepped out onto our veranda to take in some air. Looking around, my glance fell on a bundle of green in a corner of the veranda. It was a parrot; its awkward switching indicated that it was alive. Even as I approached it the parrot made no effort to fly away. Parrots are intermittent visitors to our veranda but always skitter away if you get too close to them. It was obviously wounded in some way, I picked it up.

I expect we named it Hariyn because of its bright green plumage, and it became a family pet. A cage was bought more to protect Hariya from predators then to keep him imprisoned. In fact, we often let him out of his cage, so he could fly away if he wanted to, Hariya just didn.t seem to want to. It was only after many days that we realized that he had never shown an urge to fly.E-2016 08.11.15-8

One day I took Hariya in my hands and gently examined him more thoroughly than we had ever done. To my horror I found that his wings had been stitched up with very fine plastic thread that was almost invisible to the naked eye. Someone had obviously taken great pains to ensure that Hariya couldn’t fly. Removing those threads was a very difficult task . it took me a whole week because it had to be done gently and slowly. It was only Hariya.s faith and confidence in me that allowed it to happen. As I removed the last thread. Hariya squawked and fluffed his suddenly freed wings. Then his neck swiveled around and be just started at me. Hariya.s eyes seemed, to be shining.

41. Hariya remained with the writer.s family though he was not caged all the time because :

(1) he did not seem to want to go

(2) he never showed an urge to fly

(3) he was a family pet and he liked it

(4) his wings were stitched up

42. Which quality of Hariya helped the writer to remove the stitches ?

(1) he had a bright green plumage

(2) he had faith and confidence in the author

(3) he was wounded and weak

(4) he did not have an urge to fly and so remained calm

43. He had never shown an urge to fly.

(Replace the underlined word with a synonym.)

(1) impulse (2) courage (3) desire (4) ability

44. What were the indicators of the bird being alive ?

(1) it made no efforts to fly away

(2) it was twitching awkwardly

(3) it was an intermittent visitor

(4) the writer could pick it up

Directions (Q. No. 45) :

The following five sentences form a paragraph. The first and last sentences are given. Choose the

order in which the three sentences (PQR) should appear to complete the paragraph :16 08.11.15-9

45. S1 : A family had a very faithful dog.

S2 : _________________________________________________________________

S3 : _________________________________________________________________

S4 : _________________________________________________________________

S5 : The master patted the dog lovingly.

P : Once a massive fire broke out in their house.

Q : The dog burnt himself but brought the child out of the house.

R : Everyone ran out but a small child was left in the house.

Options :

(1) PQR (2) PRQ (3) QRP (4) RPQ

Directions (Q. No. 46) :

The following question has the second sentence missing. Choose the correct alternative to complete it.

46. A : One day Rama was playing with his friends in an open area.

B : _________________________________________________

C : All the other boys fled from there except Rama who stayed to help.

(1) All of a sudden a leopard appeared and attacked one of the boys.

(2) He was twelve years old.

(3) The leopard retaliated.

(4) He was a very brave and helpful boy.

Directions (Q. No. 47 - 50) :

Do as directed :

47. Select the appropriate meaning for the given idiom :

To be a mastermind

(1) to be a pioneer (2) to be an entrepreneur

(3) to be an amateur (4) to be an expert

48. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence :

Girls are .......... than boys at knitting.

(1) good (2) better (3) best (4) as good as

Choose the correct antonym (Q. Nos. 49 . 50) :

49. Stale :

(1) new (2) old (3) fresh (4) mouldy

50. Valuable :

(1) Invaluable (2) worthless (3) priceless (4) expensive

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