Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Paper – Maharashtra 2016 − 17 Part – 5

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Q: 41 Identify incorrect sentence related to Asian continent:

(1) This continent is the biggest of all from the perspectives of area and population

(2) The continent got the name from the word ‘Aasu’

(3) The renaissance era was started from this continent

(4) The emergence of old religion and culture from this continent

Q: 42 Which one of the following atomic reactors is not present in Atomic research City’ at Mumbai?

(1) Apsara

(2) Narora

(3) Zarlina

(4) Purnima

Q: 43 Who was the painter of this famous immortal picture?

Q 43 Find the painter name of this famous immortal picture

Q 43 Find the Painter Name of this Famous Immortal Picture

Q 43 Find the painter name of this famous immortal picture

(1) Michaelangelo

(2) Leonardo – da –vinci

(3) Raphael

(4) Donato

Q: 44. Who one of the following was not navigator?

(1) John cabot

(2) John Key

(3) Amerigo Vespucci

(D) Christopher Columbus

Q: 45. Arrange the following events in chronological sequence:

(I) Hitler adopter 4th year plan

(II) Hitler assumed the post of prime Minister

(III) Hitler brought out an agreement with Italy and Japan

(IV) Hitler captured the Rhineland

(1) (II), (I), (IV), (III)

(2) (III), (IV), (II), (I)

(3) (I), (III), (II), (IV)

(4) (IV, (II), (I), (III)

Q: 46. Choose the inappropriate pair:

Q_46_Find the Inappropriate Pair of the Table
Q_46_Find the Inappropriate pair of the table


Business concessions took from king Zamorin


Vasco – da Gama


Request to the Japanese Government for Business concession


Commodore Perry


The book written by him which was created among the European people


Bartholomew Dias


Motivated the navigators


King Henry

Q: 47 Which one of the following is not computer’s input device?

(1) Keyboard

(2) Scanner

(3) Mouse

(4) Printer

Q: 48 ………………. Is the first archaic scripture of the Aryans.

(1) Yajurveda

(2) Samveda

(3) Atharvaveda

(4) Rigveda

Q: 49. The communist thinker Karl Marx belongs to ……………… country.

(1) Russia

(2) France

(3) Germany

(4) Turkistan

Q: 50. ‘UNO’ was founded in …………….

(1) New York

(2) Washington

(3) San Francisco

(4) The Hague

Q: 51. Due to which action of Japan, the Asian Continent was engulfed into the international conflict?

(1) The battle between China and Japan

(2) Japan forced its army into Indo-china region

(3) Japan attacked on pearl Harbour

(4) The rise of Militarism in Japan

Q; 52. Tipu Sultan was defected due to collaboration with which rulers?

(1) British – Maratha – Nizam

(2) Nizam – Nawab of Karnataka – British

(3) Maratha – British – Karnataka Nawab

(4) King of Travancore – Maratha - British

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