Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Paper – Maharashtra 2016 − 17 Part – 7

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Q: 64 If the countries sharing land border with India are arranged in ascending order of percentage, which country will be in the middle?

Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nepal

(1) Bhutan

(2) Nepal

(3) Pakistan

(4) Afghanistan

Q: 65 The eastern district of Maharashtra ……….. districts have more number of tanks and lakes.

(1) Bhandara and Gondia

(2) Wardha and Nagpur

(3) Chandrapur and Gadchiroli

(4) Bhandara and Chandrapur

Q: 66. Which of the following regions is described as ‘Cold Desert’?

(1) Sikkim Himalaya

(2) Karakoram Ranges

(3) Ladakh Range

(4) Kailas Range

Q: 67. Which of the following is known as ‘Canebrakes’?

(1) Thick stands of tall grass

(2) Forests with thick and tall trees

(3) Region affected by tropical cyclones

(4) Region affected by floods

Q: 68. ‘Shilong’ to which Subdivision of the Himalaya?

(1) The Central Himalaya

(2) The Kailas Range

(3) The Ladakh Range

(4) The Eastern Himalaya

Q: 69. The region older alluvium of the Ganga Plain is Known as …………

(1) Khadar

(2) Bhabar

(3) Bangar

(4) Tarai

Q: 70. ‘Bundelkhand’ is situated which direction in relation to Malwa Plateau?

(1) South-east

(2) South

(3) West

(4) North-east

Q: 71 Identify the correct pair of the following

Q_71_Find the Correct Pair for the Table
Q_71_Find the Correct Pair for the Table


Indian National Congress


Established in 1980


Bharatiya Janata Party


Established in 1885


Communist Congress Party


Established in 1999


Nationalist Congress Party


Established in 1964

(1) (i) - (D), (ii) – (C), (iii) – (B), (iv) – (A)

(2) (i) – (C), (ii) – (B), (iii) – (A), (iv) – (D)

(3) (i) – (D), (ii) – (A), (iii) – (C), (iv) – (B)

(4) (i) – (B), (ii) – (A), (iii) – (D), (iv) – (C)

Q: 72. Which of the following is not applicable for the parliamentary Democracy?

(1) Two chief executive

(2) Power vested in Parliament

(3) Executive chief cannot be removed before the end of his tenure

(4) In England and India, Parliament democracy is in existence

Q: 73. Who worked as the Chairperson of the Advisory Committee on fundamental rights of the Constituent Assembly?

(1) Vallabhbhai Patel

(2) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

(3) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

(4) Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Q: 74. Who has written a book called ‘Street-Purush Tulana’ Published in 1882?

(1) Mahatma Phule

(2) Shahu Maharaj

(3) Tarabai Shinde

(4) Savitribai Phule

Q: 75. People tend to migrate to more developed regions is an example of which inequality?

(1) Political

(2) Regional

(3) Social

(4) Linguistic

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