Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Paper – Maharashtra 2016 − 17 Part – 8

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Q: 76. …………….. refers to various activities related to the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services in a certain Geographical region.

(1) Political Sovereignty

(2) Sectoral Distribution

(3) An Economy

(4) Natural Resources

Q: 77. Which day of the following is celebrated as worlds Consumer Day?

(1) 15th March

(2) 24th December

(3) 10th December

(4) 8th April

Q: 78. “Economic is a science to study human well-being/welfare. “Who has defined it?

(1) Prof. Adam Smith

(2) Leonnel Robins

(3) Prof. Kemmerer

(4) Prof. Alfred Marshall

Q: 79. On which factor of the following the decision regarding “How much to produce” does not depend upon?

(1) Population growth

(2) Level of production

(3) Size of market

(4) Availability of resources

Q: 80. Which is not a fiscal measure of the following to control inflation?

(1) Increase in taxation

(2) Public Borrowings

(3) Overvaluation

(4) Increase in Bank rate

Q: 81. In an A.P. the sum of ‘n’ terms is . Find the 10th term of the A.P?

(1) 80

(2) 90

(3) 100

(4) 110

Q: 82. then which of the following equations is true?





Q: 83. The difference between the two roots of a quadratic equation is 2 and the difference between the cubes of the roots is 98, then which of the following is that quadratic equation?





Q: 84. From a pack of 52 playing cards, face club cards are removed. The remaining cards are well shuffled and card is drawn at random. Find the probability that the card drawn is a Heart card.





Q: 85 A boat takes 7 hours to travel 30 km upstream and 28 km downstream. It takes 5 hours to travel 21 km upstream and to return back. Find the speed of the boat in still water.

(1) 10 km/hr

(2) 20 km/hr

(3) 14 km/hr

(4) 6 km/hr

Q: 86. The marks scored by a student in an examination of 600 marks is shown in the following pie diagram. If he has scored 60 marks in Mathematics, then find the percentage of marks that he secured in the examination.

Q: 86 Find the Percentage of Marks in the Examination

Q: 86 Find the Percentage of Marks in the Examination

Q: 86 Find the Percentage of Marks in the Examination

(1) 60%

(2) 50%

(3) 75%

(4) 55%

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