Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Paper – Rajasthan Part – 8

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Q: 82 Nagercoil of Tamil Nadu is famous for

(1) Solar Energy

(2) Wind Power

(3) Thermal Power

(4) Tidal Energy

Q: 83. Which of the following statements about the relationship of Democracy and Human Rights is/are correct?

(A) When there is democracy then Rights are certain

(B) Every democratic state given rights to its citizens

(C) Rights are not necessary for Democracy

(D) Every country that given rights to its citizens is a democratic country

(1) A, C, D

(2) A, B

(3) B, C

(4) A, B, C

Q: 84. Who acts, as the Supreme Commander of defence forces of India?

(1) The Chief of Air staff

(2) The Chief of Army staff

(3) The President of India

(4) The Chief of Navy

Q: 85. Choose the correct statement describing the word ‘code of conduct’:

(A) A set of norms and guidelines to be followed by political parties

(B) A set of norms and guidelines to be followed by candidates In Election

(C) Guidelines for Election Commission

(D) Compulsory voting for voters

(1) A, B, C

(2) A, B

(3) B, C

(4) C, D

Q: 86. Which of the following statements properly define the ‘Constitution’?

(A) Constitution protects the rights of citizens

(B) It determines the functioning of governments

(C) It determine the process of legislation

(D) It decides the name, of person who is going to be the President

(1) A, B, D

(2) B, C

(3) A, B, C

(4) B, C, D

Q: 87. Which one of the following is the Institution, functioning for international law, Security, Social equity and World peace?

(1) International Monetary Fund

(2) United Nations Organisation

(3) World Bank

(4) None of these

Q: 88. Who among the following was the pioneer, to abolish caste inequality and establish social harmony?

(1) Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan

(2) Dadabhai Naoroji

(3) W. C. Bonnerjee

(4) Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Q: 89. Select the mismatched statement given below:

(1) Democracy evolves through public struggles

(2) Peaceful and non – violent struggles strengthen democracy

(3) Democracy exists only through struggles

(4) Freedom of expression is the identity of democracy

Q: 90. With reference to democratic system, which statement does not match?

(1) Democracy and development go together

(2) Inequality does not exist under dictatorship

(3) Inequalities exist in democracy

(4) Democracy provides freedom of expression and livelihood

Q: 91. There are some statements with reference to power sharing in Indian democratic, system. Select the Irrelevant statement:

(1) Participation of public in general election

(2) Activeness of Gram Panchayat

(3) Activities of Army

(4) We participated in Gram Sabha

Q: 92. Homogeneous Society means

(1) Similar kind of cultural heritage

(2) Exist Caste based differences

(3) Absence of community feeling

(4) Different kinds of living style of people

Q: 93. Select the mismatched pair from the following names of Organisations:

(1) Bharatiya Janata Party, Indian National Congress, Akali Dal

(2) Communist Party of India, Telugu Desam Party

(3) Akhil BhartiyaVidyarthi Parisad, National Students Union of India

(4) Bahujan Samaj Party, Trinamool Congress

Q: 94. Under ‘Green Revolution’ in India to increase the production of wheat and rice which of the following measures were adopted?

(1) High Yielding varieties

(2) Chemical fertilizers

(3) Irrigation facilities

(4) All of these

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